Monday, January 24, 2011

Tribute to Jack LaLanne, "The Godfather of Fitness"

As you all probably have heard by now, Jack LaLanne, considered by many to be the "Godfather of Fitness" passed away Sunday afternoon due to respiratory failure due to pneumonia. He inspired millions of people all over the world to get active before fitness became a well-known phenomenon. He helped make fitness a big part of many people's lives.

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In my honest opinion, if it wasn't for Jack LaLanne, there would be no Kiana Tom, no Jillian Michaels, no Jennifer Nicole Lee, no Jamie Eason. Dare I say this...but fitness would probably be a mere afterthought right now if it wasn't for Jack. If there was anyone who defied "fitness icon", it was Jack. He lived, breathed, and slept fitness for what seemed to be his entire life.

I'm too young to remember his shows, but I do remember seeing his many infomercials about his juicer and wanting to own one (which I will buy soon). He seemed so vibrant and full of energy. I'm always like "Why can't more people live by his example?" Who knows? Maybe there's that someone out there who will be that next true fitness icon. Yes, there are those fitness experts that come and go, but very few have the longevity as Jack did and still does. Because of that, he will continue to motivate others to live healthier lives. Gone but truly not forgotten, and won't be for quite some time.

On behalf of FitGems Nation and the MILLIONS of people you have inspired over the years to live healthy lifestyles, thank you for giving people a reason to live. Thank you for being an inspiration.

"Love live living long, and loving every minute of it!"-Jack LaLanne

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