Monday, January 31, 2011

FitGems Radio...Coming Soon!

Here's the major news I promised you all:

After much deliberation and discussion, I've decided to take another step in the FitGems Network and create a late morning weekly radio show called FitGems Radio. The show will only 30 minutes long, but I plan to cover a lot in those 30 minutes each week.

Each week, I will talk about one specific topic about the industry from my own personal point of view for the first half of the show or a bit more (15-20 minutes) the remaining half of the show will be questions from listeners from over the globe. If a show is going on that weekend (for example, the Arnold, Olympia, Jr. USAs,Nationals, or even local shows you want promoted), then I would promote that and talk about some of the competitors, basically give a preview to the show.

If someone wants to do an interview through the show, then rather than talk about a specific subject, the entire time will be dedicated to the guest. We do an interview and take calls and emails from you all.

The first show is set for next Friday, February 10 at 11am Eastern/10am Central. We will be discussing social media in the fitness industry (message boards, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) If you would like to submit a question to me about social media, please email them to me at (Put FITGEMS RADIO in the subject line) prior to the show, or call us at (949) 203-4835 DURING the last half of our show. Deadline to email questions will be next Thursday at Noon.

Catch the first show at Should this be successful, this might expand a bit. Baby steps for now, though. Hope you enjoy this latest addition to the FitGems Network! :)

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