Monday, January 17, 2011

Melissa Cunningham's Journey

Melissa Cunningham is a figure competitor aiming to get her IFBB Pro card. She's a mother of three, and is making her return to the stage this year after taking time off in 2010 to have her third baby. Here's a post from Melissa today:

Speed work yesterday! the good,the bad and the ugly....

yay for finally jumping back in with the HIITs!!!!!!
yesterdays run and work out went great!
the good:
was in the gym over the weekend
got in good workouts
started the speed play again after 2 month hiatus
felt good the entire time
15 wks 5 days out from 1rst show of the yr
16wks 5 days out from 1rst pro show of the year-hoping to qualify for the Yorton cup!!

the bad;
no gym today due to a LONG night with baby M. taking her in to the dr today to see whats going. fussy,coughing,snotty nose,ear pulling,very very very little sleep,yadda yadda yadda....
hoping i can work around my children's seemingly never ending sicknesses so i can get in the shape that i need to. now granted,family is ALWAYS first over the gym,but some days i will have a brief opportunity to sneak in a run or workout-i just have to make point to make the most of those times,even when im tired,:)

the ugly:
i still cant find an NGA show to do before the cutoff date that is within reasonable driving distance.
the ones i found are 5 days past the cut off,AND coincide with the IFPA pro bowl. i need to compete at this event in order to qualify for the Yorton. the other IFPA shows are not within reasonable driving distances fro me.
so,im in a pickle over this!!

BUT moving on to the good again,let me post the workout had last night before i forget:
3x10 pullups (8 of these unassisted) i actually got 4 by myself the first set.
happy about that but still VERY discouraged,seeing as i used to be able to do 10 or more of these with ease pre pregnancy.
i will get there again soon!
4x15 giant set of:
kneeling lat pull downs
reverse grip pull downs
straight arm lat pulldown
4x15 superste of;
rope rows
hi cable bicep curls
4x15 superset of
21's 94x21)
wide grip cable pull downs
giant set of:
DB hammer curls
lateral curl
standard curl

3x15 superset of
weighted crunch
1 min plank on elbows
1 min alternating plank on elbows to push up position
1 min slow and controlled mountain climbers

then the speed workout. not my best ever,but not bad considering i had 2 months away from any type of speed.
the workout: 1 min on/1 min off-speed on even #'s
5 min warm up @6.0
6 min-7.0mph
steady state @7.0mph
8 min @8.5 (7 min pace)
10 min @ 9.0 (6:40 pace)
12 min @ 9.5mph (6:18pace)
14 min @ 9.0
16 min @9.5
18 min @ 9.0
20 min @9.5
22 min @9.0
24 min @ 9.5
26 min @9.0
28 min @9.5 first 30 sec,10.0 15 sec,11.0 last 15 sec (5:18 pace)
29-40 min @ 7.0 (8:34 pace)
got in 5 miles
3.3 miles in 25 min sprint time...sub 22 5k....
so not bad!
AND this run was my very first run with an ipod. seriously,where i have been? welcome to technology Melissa,LOL!!!

anyways,all the kids are up now,time to get ready to go to the dr for M.
hope all are having a happy Monday!! 
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