Saturday, February 26, 2011

REMINDER: FitGems Nation's Women's History Month Celebration Begins TUESDAY

Hey everyone! Just wanted to remind you all that we at FitGems Nation will be hosting a Women's History Month Celebration beginning this Tuesday, March 1st.

What will I be needing from you? Whatever you want to provide. Here are a few suggestions to help you out:

  • Videos (your workouts/competitions/advice to aspiring and current competitors)
  • Poems
  • Guest Articles
  • Artwork
  • Podcasts
  • Contest Experiences
  • Interviews (email/audio/video)
  • Etc.
Several of you have contacted me for email interviews, and you will all be contacted within days. I'm hoping to post something each day that celebrates the female contributions to the sport of female muscle. If you would like to participate, please email me at, and put Women's History Month celebration in the subject line.

The celebration will begin this Tuesday and will go on until March 31st. Hope to see many of you participate in this historical event!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Who FitGems would cast as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, from back cover of Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Guide to the Amazon Princess

For those that are fans of the iconic superheroine Wonder Woman, a new TV series is set to be made soon. And the actress that will play this iconic role is Adrianne Palicki. For those that don't know, Adrianne is from Friday Night Lights. I've done some research on her, and has found out that she can act, she's pretty tall, and she can take a hit or two. Not to mention, she's very beautiful. Be that as it may...I'm just not convinced that she's the right person. This is not meant to be a knock on Adrianne, just my own personal observation. When I envision Wonder Woman, I see someone who has an athletic, imposing look about her. Again, for some reason or another, I just don't see that in Adrianne...not right now, anyways.

However, I do know of five past/present women from the fitness industry who (in my honest opinion) could pull off being the most iconic superheroine of all time:

1) Courtney West

Photo credit: Muscular Development

This rising figure star in IFBB Figure is among the tallest figure competitors out there today, with one of the most slender and toned physiques in the industry as well. I don't know much about her acting skills though, but from what I've heard, she has one heck of a personality on her. Plus, as far as having heart is concerned, anyone who donates their entire paycheck for their first pro win to a worthy cause such as breast cancer is truly has a great heart. To me, Courtney strikes me as someone who could wear the suit with pride.

2) Erin Stern

Photo credit: Muscular Development

Much like Courtney, Erin has that imposing yet slender physique that resembles most people's idea of what a superheroine looks like. She's also a bit of a goof as well (which is a good thing. You don't need to be TOO serious all the time), for those that have her on Facebook. Another one of those people that you just want to be around, as she's that cool. In addition to that, she's pretty strong as well. She trains almost like how you expect to see Wonder Woman train.

3) Amanda Latona

Photo credit: Muscular Development

Perhaps the most experience when it comes to mainstream exposure, Amanda is one of those women who you have to be absolutely CRAZY not to like. I've heard from many that she's one of the most energetic and craziest people you'll ever meet. She's established herself as one of the top bikini competitors in the world right now, with two pro wins and a top-five finish at this past year's Bikini Olympia. She's unbelievably gorgeous. She's got the height for it as well. Oh...and did I mention that she's got some talent on her?! If you haven't heard her sing, you need to. Someone as multi-talented as Amanda would be a great Wonder Woman.

4) Valerie Waugaman

Photo credit: Muscular Development

Take one good look at Valerie, and one wouldn't have to guess why she would be a great choice to play Wonder Woman. She's tall, EXTREMELY built, and she's tough as nails, as she proved to the world as Siren on NBC's revamp of American Gladiators. No to mentioned that she's strikingly beautiful. She's even been giving a cool superhero nickname (The Green Goddess)! IMHO, she might have the best "Wonder Woman" combination.

5) Jennifer Widerstrom

Much like Valerie, Jennifer has amazing strength and beauty that is hard to duplicate. She's a well-likable person, appearing in multiple advertisements and most recently, the Weider X-Factor workout machine. Her major claim to fame was being Phoenix on NBC's American Gladiators, and her physical appearance and dominance was definitely one worthy of Wonder Woman.

For the record, this is not to change the minds of NBC, or to spark fires. I simply wrote this to see how you would think about having Wonder Woman casted by someone from the fitness industry (which I think would come off more believable in this day and age, just saying). Do you agree or disagree? Is there someone I missed? Leave your comments below, and if there's enough replies, I'll share your answers on a future post.

Monday, February 21, 2011

10 Weeks Out and Mini Back (Melissa Cunningham's Journal Entry #7)

10 weeks out and although the past 2 weeks have been hard due to illness (my 6 month old baby) and a death in the family,i am back on track...
another good workout chest/tris and abs followed by a mini indoor BRICK.....
the run down:
4x15 cable crossovers ss w
4x20 reverse press downs
4x15 decline DB bench ss with
4x15 decline barbell skull crushers
4x15 weighted crunch downs on cable ss w
4x12 cable kickbacks
4x 10 pushups off upside down BOSU with toes on exercise ball
(2nd set i tried alternating single leg...did it but only did 1 set that way-last seti only got 7 reps)
ss this with
4x15 weighted dips off bench with toes on ex ball
then did giant set of:
3x15 pikes on ex ball
3x20 weighted hip ups with med bal between knees
3x20 weighted alternating up and overs
then ended with 9 miles on stat bike (30 minutes)
and then immediately jumped on the TM and did
mile 1 @ 7:30 pace
when i found my legs i did
mile 2 @ 6:18
13:48 total
i felt really good after that but cut the rest of cardio short because i wanted to get in the pool with the older 2 kids before the evening classes started.
jumped in the pool with the kids,was having a great time and then they ditched me for 2 kids who were about the same age as them...
but it was still a good time!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monica Brant...Dancing with the Stars?

If you're a fan of fitness, then you have obviously heard of Monica Brant. If you haven't, before you read this thread, you might want to Google her name and spend a little bit of time getting to know who she is. To be honest, it's hard to be a fan of this industry and NOT know who Monica is.

On her official Facebook page, Monica has stated that she would like to be part of the popular dance show Dancing with the Stars (DWTS for short). If she was to be on the show, I think she would have a legitimate chance of making it far in the show...heck, maybe even win it! I mean, she doesn't have just one of the most impressive physiques in the industry; she's also among of the best athletes in the industry as well. I personally think it would be cool to see one of our own on one of the biggest shows on television.

For those that are not her friends on Facebook, here's her exact message.

Hi Friends~ I have been thinking a lot over the past several months about various goals and interests I have.  I have always been athletic and love dancing so one of my goals is to be on Dancing with the Stars.  At first I thought me.. Dancing with the Stars..can I do it?  And then I said YES!  They have never had an athlete from the Bodybuilding &  Fitness Industry as a contestant, so why not try to be the first! Can you see it now..Monica Brant, WBFF Figure Pro Champion & Dancing with the Stars Contestant. Ha! Ha! Makes me giggle!  I need your help.  Can you write to ABC and request I be considered for next years season.  The more people that speak up, the greater chance I have! Then, I can get passes for all of you to come and watch! Ha! Ha!  I would not be able to even consider this without all of your years of support! Love you all!xoxo

To consider Monica for a spot on the next Dancing with the Stars, go to the link below and let ABC know that you want to see the fitness icon on DWTS. Remember, the more people speak up, the better chance of Monica's goal to be on Dancing with the Stars a reality!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Arnold Amateur Competitors List

Here's the list for the 2011 Arnold Amateur competition. Congrats to everyone that's on the list! List came from the official Arnold Amateur website at


Lightweight (12)
Monika Becht (Germany)
Brenda Boyd (Houston, Texas)
Julie Currie (Warren, Mich.)
Nataliia Dichkovska (Ukraine)
Nathalie Falk (Germany)
Marina Lemenovskaya (Russia)
Coralie Marchisio
Margaret Negrete (El Paso, Texas)
Branka Njegovec (Croatia)
Maria Rita Penteado (Brazil)
Elizabeth Schneider (Dallas, Texas)
Tamara Qureshi (Claremont, California)
Heavyweight (19)
Lilli Ewing (Seattle, Wash.)
Alevtina Goroshinskaya (Russia)
Robin Hillis (Cambridge, Ontario, Canada)
Stockelova Jana (Czech Republic)
Jaimi Johnson (Fenton, Mich.)
Kyptova Katerina (Czech Republic)
Salla Kauranen (Finland)
Hasina Love (Canal Winchester, Ohio)
Mary Lynne MacKenzie (Niagara Falls, Canada)
Giuditta Magazzino (Italy)
Geraldine Morgan (Chile)
Nidia Hermosilla Ocampos (Paraguay)
Nataliya Romashko (Ukraine)
Evy Anita Rustad (Norway)
Marie Samperio (Edinburg, Texas)
Violet Schwarz (Germany)
Rachelle Stephens (Farmington, N.M.)
Silvia Guadalupe Chavez Terrazas (Mexico)
Roberta Casciano Toth (Brazil)

Fitness Short Class (10)
Diana Paula Monteiro Noronha de Alemida (Brazil)
Maria Laura Cervelli (Argentina)
Samantha Kinnish (Australia)
Gloria Mohninger (Calgary, Canada)
Guryeva Olga (Russia)
Dawn Scholey (United Kingdom)
Stephanie Yu (Rochester Hills, Mich.)
Toni Wheeler (Morehead, Ky.)
Shalimar Wilder (Charleston, W.V.)
Paula Williams-Gulman (Hayden Lake, Idaho)
Fitness Tall Class (8)
Valeria Cristiane Aprobato (Brazil)
Angela Beavers (Smyrna, Ga.)
Tiina Kasvi (Finland)
Jayla McDermott (Trophy Club, Texas)
Meredith Miller (Westerville, Ohio)
Deborah Sizemore (Charleston, W.V.)
Czine Szilvia (Hungary)
Dvortsova Tatiana (Russia)

Figure A Class (11)
Rachel Baker (Lutherville, Md.)
Helena Chansky (Grayslake, Ill.)
Stephanie Curran (Riverview, Florida)
Angela DeFrancesco (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada)
Tatiana Garcia (Glen Cove, N.Y.)
Hanah Melvin (Elyria, Ohio)
Cheri Nguyen (Springfield, Mo.)
Nuria Novia (New Zealand)
Medina Roberts (Fredericksburg, Va.)
Chie Terui (Homewood, Ill.)
Elsie Velazquez (Sheffield Village, Ohio)
Figure B Class (18)
Margaret Barker (Tampa, Fla.)
Zolzaya Batjargal (Mongolia)
Brandi Binkley (Nashville, Tenn.)
Robyn Bricco (Bloomington, Ill.)
Katie Davis (Del Ray Beach, Fla.)
Shiryaeva Elena (Russia)
Tara Green (The Woodlands, Texas)
Lauren Jacobsen (Toronto, Canada)
Nora Raquel Martinez Jara (Paraguay)
Irina Kiselev (Arvada, Colo.)
Jill Mock (Ellicott City, Md.)
Lily Ochkur (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Michelle Price (South Africa)
Patricia Regra (Brazil)
Nelly Rey (France)
Stefanie Richard (Montreal, Canada)
Vanessa Catarina Oliveira E Silva (Brazil)
Diane Singh (Anchorage, Alaska)
Figure C Class (23)
Amy Boeckmann (Sabina, Ohio)
Dolores Burlingame (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Ranaeatrice Cann (Bermuda)
Casey Cunliffe (Howell, N.J.)
Rachel Dusek (Petaluma, Calif.)
Chairma Fenelon (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Raquel Hernandez (Spain)
Frankie Hibberd (South Charleston, W.V.)
Agneta Salome Janga (Netherlands)
Roongtawan Jindasing (Thailand)
Lacey Lynn Johnston (Orem, Utah)
Anita Kus-Roberts (Oakville, Ontario Canada)
Allison McKee (Parkton, Md.)
Mikhaylova Natalia (Russia)
Kristina O’Brien (Bellbrook, Ohio)
Ellena Reidie (Australia)
Christine Ritchie (Atlanta, Fla.)
Christina Rivera (Buffalo, N.Y.)
Amy Rozier (Hattiesburg, Miss.)
Ruth Sicklesteel (Warren, Mich.)
Giada Simari (Italy)
Jessica Stevenson (Romeo, Mich.)
Susetty Tabash (Costa Rica)
Figure D Class (28)
Jessica Bowman (Martinsburg, W.V.)
Cheryl Davis (Alexandria, Va.)
Shimara Jenice Galhena (Sri Lanka)
Anna Maria Giordani (Italy)
Sarah Griffith (Curacao)
Ashley Horner Tumon (Guam)
Delilah Matos (Naperville, Ill.)
Julie Mayer-Hyman (Henderson, Nev.)
Melissa Martin (Sunrise, Fla.)
Kayla McCain (Wellington, Colo.)
Sophie Miranda (France)
Bruna da Casta Miyagui (Brazil)
Alison Moser (Strongsville, Ohio)
Teale Mueller (Naples, Fla.)
Lindsey Olsen (Perth Amboy, N.J.)
Teagan Posey-Benson (Middletown, Ohio)
Karina Rhode (Noblesville, Ind.)
Yekaterina Robacker (Singapore)
Jena Robertson (Oxford, N.Y.)
Misty Ryan (Albuquerque, N.M.)
Daniela Santarelli (Paraguay)
Carla Sizemore (Grand Prairie, Texas)
Sif Sveinsdottir (Iceland)
Penpraghai Tiangngok (Thailand)
Robles Tibisay (Venezuela)
Jayne Tingle (United Kingdom)
Rosa Valente (Kingston, Ontario Canada)
Madelaine Alexia Molina Calle de Vega (Peru)
Figure E Class (13)
Karla Bungee (Owens Cross Roads, Ala.)
Eniko Csonka (Hungary)
Francisca Dennis (Lynden, Ontario, Canada)
Dawn Fernandez (Peoria, Ariz.)
Marlene Koekemoer (South Africa)
Christine Moore (Renton, Wash.)
Allison Moyer (Lancaster, Pa.)
Jodie Parker (Australia)
Constance Petot (Columbus, Ohio)
Alessandra Barata Pinheiro (Brazil)
Jessica Rinaldi (Albuquerque, N.M.)
Daisy Tibisay Robles (Miami, Fla.)
Inez Sobczak (Arlington,Va.)
Figure F Class (27)
Jayme Appleman (Gahanna, Ohio)
Essence Ashford (Schaumburg, Ill.)
Melissa Bailey Great (Meadows, N.J.)
Samantha Baker (Meymouth, Mass.)
Lisa Burdick (Avon, Ohio)
Krista Cowie (Fort St. John, Canada)
Karen Dallas (Milwaukee, Wisc.)
Priscilla Edwards (Plainview, Texas)
Darlene Escano (Australia)
Sarah Farr (Austin, Texas)
Kate Grevey (Glen Arm, Md.)
Einhildur Yr Gunnarsdottir (Iceland)
Sharon Iacovone (Westerville, Ohio)
Nikki Jankovic (Australia)
Noora Kuusivuori (Fort Collins, Colo.)
Francine Kwarteng (Arlington, Texas)
Pantovic-Subotic Ljuba (Serbia)
Erica Marten (Burlington, Canada)
Anita Metzler (Hungary)
Danielle Miranda (Columbus, Ohio)
Danielle Murry (Pearland, Texas)
Lori Raper (Palisade, Colorado)
Hannah Ringholm (Portland, Ore.)
Barbara Skierka (Stevens Point, Wis.)
Kambra Sundstrom (Rockford, Mich.)
Eva Sveindottir (Iceland)
Emily Zelinka (London, Ontario Canada)

Figure Masters Short Class (21)
Debbie Bell (New York, N.Y.)
Kim Bailey (Norman, Oklahoma)
Zolzaya Batjargal (Mongolia)
Ann Bunge (Woodland Park, Colo.)
Marcella Cameron (Calgary, Canada)
Nina Cash (Beavercreek, Ohio)
Masayo Copeland (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Sabrina Dodson (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.)
Dania Gerebtzof (Singapore)
Nicole Huss (Temperance, Mich.)
Laura London (Boca Raton, Fla.)
Jodie Luther-Kofod (Savannah, Ga.)
Jolie Mosser (Grand Rapids, Mich.)
Lynne Nichols (Newark, Ohio)
Susie Poli-Smith (Bruce Township, Mich.)
Terri Sileno (Poughkeepsie, N.Y.)
Marli Rodrigues Da Silva (Brazil)
Viviana Smerilli (Coral Springs, Fla.)
Sabrina Sonner (Island, Ky.)
Danielle Soucek (Broadview Heights, Ohio)
Tracy Weller (Loganville, Ga.)

Figure Masters Medium Class (10)
Linda Andrew (Reynoldsburg, Ohio)
Batchimeg Byambanyam (Mongolia)
Felica Davis (Pickerington, Ohio)
Deborah Judy (Washington, Pa.)
Heather Miller (San Carlos, Calif.)
Vasile Anca Nicoleta (Romania)
Stacey O’Neill Romeo (Michigan)
Amy Rosenberg (New Albany, Ohio)
Heather Ruelan (Flushing, Michigan)
Katerina Tarbox (Warwick, Rhode Island)

Figure Masters Tall Class (10)

Jodi Bump (Huntsville, Alabama)
Liane Fischer (Allen, Texas)
Karaleen McMillian (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Tetyana Mikheychyk (Ukraine)
Heather Mills (Alma, Mich.)
Sandy Scamman (Las Vegas, Nev.)
Yolanda Slaughter (Dallas, Texas)
Linda Stephens (Darien, Conn.)
Andrea Ternes (Elyria, Ohio)
Leyla Yurchick (Worthington, Ohio)

Bikini A Class (30)
Katie Berchick (Irwin, Pa.)
Amanda Burton (Waverly, Ohio)
Emily Chappie (Columbus, Ohio)
Leigh Chappie (Piqua, Ohio)
Amanda Cherundolo (Novi, Mich.)
Amy Collins (Kalamazoo, Mich.)
Gianna Contillo (Lincoln, R.I.)
Jessica Daniels (Tonawanda, N.Y.)
Lisa DeGisi (San Francisco, Calif.)
Sylvia Duque (Houston, Texas)
Ashley Duxbury (Ontario, Canada)
Tanya Fennell  (Fredonia, N.Y.)
Daron Fitzgerald (Fort Wayne, Ind.)
Misti Garner (Flowood, Miss.)
Yarelis Gonzalez (Wilmington, Del.)
Tara Granberry (Austin, Texas)
Francesca Hartman (Buckeye, Ariz.)
Alexis Kaufman (Dublin, Ohio)
Andrea Lea King (Tampa, Fla.)
Andrea Lawmaster (Muskegon, Mich.)
Natasha Love (Seattle, Wash.)
Jermalen Marmon (Tracy, Calif.)
Bernadett Matassa (Ormond Beach, Fla.)
Nicole Morrow (Dayton, Ohio)
Mymuna Nasrin (Montreal, Canada)
Angela Porter (Salem, Va.)
Gloriela Rosas (Atlanta, Ga.)
Khay Rosemond (San Pedro, Calif.)
Mandie Taketa (Studio City, Calif.)
Jessica Thompson (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Bikini B Class (41)
Anjali Antani (Naperville, Ill.)
Joleen Axworthy (Rochester Hills, Mich.)
Fernanda Zanzoni Barroso (Brazil)
Cynthia Benoit (Quebec, Canada)
Ryan Bittner (Washington, Mich.)
Chelsea Boissonneault (Dunrobin, Ontario Canada)
Chelcy Bowers (Danville, Ky.)
Amanda Butz  (Yuma, Ariz.)
Juel Casamayor (Sherman Oaks, Calif.)
Kimberly Castle (Evansville, Ind.)
Laura Cessna (Lexington, Ky.)
Jennifer Chapman (McKinney, Texas)
Tiffany Desimone (Las Vegas, Nev.)
Mandi Fanelli  (Lakewood, Calif.)
Amanda Garifo (Burlington, N.C.)
Candyce Graham (Lutz, Fla.)
Diana Leigh Graham (Duvall, Wash.)
Sabine Guidon (New Caledonia)
Kelli Haas (Westerville, Ohio)
Krista Haddad (Lexington, Ky.)
Erica Holiday  (Tigard, Ore.)
Michelle Hutton (Overland Park, Kansas)
Sarah Ingmanson (Henderson, Nev.)
Valerie Kavaras (Florence, Ky.)
Leslie Ann Lancaster  (Singapore)
Tonya Laurent (Williamstown, Ky.)
Danielle Laws (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Amber Milenkoff (Lake Station, Ind.)
Stacy Miller (Grand Rapids, Mich.)
Donna Morgan (Mobile, Ala.)
Cheryl Pontious (Burlington, N.C.)
Giada Protino  (Italy)
Venus Ramos  (Redondo Beach, Calif.)
Lee Randall (Whitehorse, Canada)
Ingrid Romero  (Simi Valley, Calif.)
Maria Rutter (San Francisco, Calif.)
Danielle Scharf (Massillon, Ohio)
Mary Schmitt (Thornton, Colo.)
Emilee Van Dyne (Ottawa, Ohio)
Julenoy Dias Vieira (Brazil)
Brandy Wagner (Yutan, Neb.)
Bikini C Class (41)
Jaime Ahlers-Maynard (Morton, Illinois)
Demia Avery (Atlanta, Ga.)
Aixa Barnhill (Fayetteville, N.C.)
Amy Campbell (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Emily Carey (Austin, Texas)
Sarah Connors (Johnstown, Pa.)
Elizabeth DeVault (Martinsville, Va.)
Mariam Dillard (Tulsa, Okla.)
Jennifer Elliott (Naperville, Illinois)
Renata Soares Guaraciaba (Brazil)
Sherry Hasty (Wylie, Texas)
Tamrijn Jackson (South Africa)
Ashley Kaltwasser (Akron, Ohio)
Anne Krumsiek (Whitehorse, Canada)
Anna Kuzminykh (Palm Coast, Fla.)
Devon Law (Charleston, W.V.)
Sheena Lee (Lewisville, Texas)
Lisa Marie Lowrey (Tampa, Fla.)
Bethany Lynn (Fort Wayne, Ind.)
Rachel Mac (Chicago, Ill.)
Stephanie Mahoe (Beaverton, Ore.)
Nicole Marous (Mayfield Heights, Ohio)
Grissel Martinez (N. Ogden, Utah)
Tareyn McKenzie (Elyria, Ohio)
Ainsley McSorley (Winnipeg, Canada)
Lindsey Nicole (Centennial, Colo.)
Kia Patrece (Mt. Laurel, N.J.)
Lisa Perry (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Anna Pezza (Italy)
Phyllis Plear (Columbus, Ohio)
Robyn Ray (Anchorage, Alaska)
Judy Rodriguez (Arlington, Texas)
Kristin Roush (Orient, Ohio)
Jennifer Scarborough (Washington, Pa.)
LeAnne Silva (Santa Fe, N.M.)
Brittany Smith  (Wadsworth, Ohio)
Morgan Spoon  (Graham, N.C.)
Brittany Stohl (Omaha, Neb.)
Jill Vogelpohl  (Orient, Ohio)
Fernanda Winchester  (Jonesborough, Tenn.)
Kristie Winter (Overland Park, Kansas)
Bikini D Class (37)
Nivya Barrera  Carolina (Puerto Rico)
Jill Bradley-Taylor (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Heaven Corcino (Elyria, Ohio)
Jennifer Cullen (Fort Madison, Iowa)
Rachel Delacalzada (Norwalk, Conn.)
Serena Depersis (Woodbridge, Ontario Canada)
Heather Gilbertson (W. Bountiful, Utah)
Michele Gregor (Leavenworth, Kansas)
Lauren Greyhosky (Bentleyville, Pa.)
Amanda Harper (Florence, Miss.)
Shannon Holt (Papillion, Neb.)
Sara Hoots (Jersey City, N.J.)
Sarah Hoots (Birmingham, Ala.)
Rikki Hudson (Comstock Park, Mich.)
Christina Jupinko (Van Nuys, Calif.)
Crystal King (Plano, Texas)
Ilona Kovacs (New York, N.Y.)
Stephanie Krohn (Franklin, Ky.)
Jessica Markowicz (Westmont, N.J.)
Ashley Mercer (Arlington, Va.)
Alexandra Miller (Port Orange, Fla.)
VĂ©ronique Morin (Quebec, Canada)
Kylee Morris (Las Vegas, Nev.)
Alexandra Sif Nikulasdottir (Iceland)
Amy Orzechowski (Erie, Pa.)
Alicia Paris (Smithland, Ky.)
Christina Penegar-Tucker (Lancaster, S.C.)
Tiphany Santos (Winston-Salem, N.C.)
Gabriela Silva Cardosa da Silva (Brazil)
Dayna Smith (Paducah, Ky.)
Erica Smith (Washington, D.C.)
Shannon Smolar (Portage, Ind.)
Olga Svyrydova (Wayne, Pa.)
Jodi Tiahrt (Henderson, Nev.)
Caroline Carlos Uittermark (Netherlands)
Tahitia Walton (Columbus, Ohio)
Kendra Warren (North Miami, Florida)