Friday, July 31, 2009

2009 Jacksonville Pro

This weekend is the Dexter Jackson Classic and the Jacksonville Pro. Three more figure competitors will qualify for the 2009 Figure Olympia. Below is the list of everyone competing in the Jacksonville Pro:

Tina Marie Bloomfield

Tivisay Briceno

Krissy Chin

Melody Clere

M.J. Fox

Alicia Harris

Alana Hernandez

Jacqui Jarrett

Candice Keene

Jenny Lynn

Amanda Marinelli

Petra Mertl

Karen Mularkey

Marcy Porter

Jessica Putnam

Sandra Simons

Amy Stephens

Erin Stern

Sabrina Taylor-Gibson

Michelle Theison

Siobhan Tewari

Sue Upson

Julie (DJ) Wallis

Tessa Wood-Thomas

will be providing coverage of the event all weekend long, thanks to new IFBB Pro Sandi Stewart.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why I think Iron Sirens should be taken to the next level

The following post is merely my own opinion, and does not reflect or intent to reflect the thoughts of J.M Manion in any way, shape, or form:

For those that don’t know, Iron Sirens is a comic book series that is based on actual IFBB competitors. Created by the charismatic J.M. Manion, the popular comic book series stars eight of the top females in the IFBB today. The heroines are Susie Curry, Jenny Lynn, Adela Garcia, and Kristal Richardson. The villains (better known as Dark Divas) are Gina Aliotti, Sonia Gonzales, Lisa Kampstra, and Jenn Gates.

As of now, there are five editions of the series out so far, and they’ve been a bit hit with IFBB fans and comic book readers alike, with more obviously in the works. That got me to think…should Iron Sirens be taken to the next level, as in beyond just being a comic series? Personally, I think the answer is yes. I could so see Iron Sirens being a live-action movie, and maybe even a cartoon series.

To me, I would go the live-action movie route. And the best part of this is that Hollywood won’t have to cast any ladies to play the main characters as the characters are based on real people. The women themselves could portray their characters, thus having the potential of creating eight new mainstream stars. I mean, you don’t have to have mainstream stars to have a monster-size hit, with the movie “Twilight” coming to mind. I mean, better mainstream “unknowns” than mainstream “well-knowns”, if you look at past heroine movies. I mean, seriously…can anyone recall when a good heroine movie has come out? (I swear, if you call Catwoman (Halle Berry) or Electra (Jennifer Garner) good movies…) Oh yeah, if it were me, I’d try to rate the movie PG-13, but push the envelope like The Dark Knight did.

A cartoon series would be the other option. Again, no need for major casting, as the ladies could provide the voices themselves. The rating I would give it would be a TV-PG , maybe a TV-14 or possibly even a TV-MA if J.M. really wants to push the envelope. Depending on the rating, I think it would be a good fit for networks like MTV, Spike, or during Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

Iron Sirens has the potential to expand to other entertainment besides the movie and cartoon series if J.M. wished to do so. Who knows, maybe in the future, maybe J.M. might just expand the Iron Sirens franchise into the things I mentioned, or maybe he’ll go further. Maybe he will just stick to creating and improving the comic book series only and not expand to new territories. As far as I know, only J.M. is the only person that knows the next move of the Iron Sirens. Knowing what he’s capable of, something tells me that the best is yet to come…

What do you think about it? Do you like this proposal? Do you hate it? How do you feel about Iron Sirens expanding or not expanding? Please your comments on this below.

For more on Iron Sirens, go to
and check out the Iron Sirens MySpace page at

Song of the Week-Rev Theory "Voices"

I hear voices in my head. Actually, it's just this song that I can't get out of my head. LOL.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sabrina Gibson returns to IFBB in Jacksonville Pro Figure show

The Jacksonville Pro Figure list is not final right now, but there are a good deal of competitors looking to qualify for the 2009 Figure Olympia. Among them will be Jenny Lynn, Jessica Paxton-Putnam, and DJ Wallis. One name that caught my attention was Sabrina Taylor-Gibson.

Remember her?

Well...let me give you a little history lesson on her then.

Five years ago, Sabrina obtained her pro card in 2004 at the NPC USAs in fitness, in which her insanely-conditioned physique and routine put her above her competition. She went on to compete in the IFBB the following year at the Emerald Cup and Charlotte Pro. After that though, she disappeared from the competition scene, being stationed in Japan due to her husband being a member of the Marine Corps. She kept her physique in tact, as well as her strength, with her past as an accomplished bodybuilder and powerlifter prior to becoming a fitness competitor.
In addition to all that, she was once a part of the Air Force, so big ups to her for being a part of our Armed Forces.

In Jacksonville in a few weeks, she'll be competing for the first time in IFBB figure and the first time on a IFBB stage of any kind since 2005. A lot has changed since she became pro, so it will be interesting to see what kind of package she will bring for figure.

We at FitGems Nation wish her best of luck in her return to the IFBB stage!

If you would like to join her fan club, go to

Song of the Week-Alter Bridge "Find the Real"

A little late, but here's this Song of the Week, by one of my favorite bands Alter Bridge. Another badass song. For those competing at the USAs this weekend, hope this song motivates you all to leave it all on stage. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Song of the Week-Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling"

I gotta feeling...that this week's gonna be a good week. Lord knows we need a good week right about now.

Enjoy the song! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Song of the Week-Jay-Z "D.O.A. [Death of Autotune]"

Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July weekend!

This week's song of the week belongs to the self-proclaimed "greatest rapper alive" Jay-Z. His new song "D.O.A (Death of Autotune)". This song is S.I.C.K! I see this on many people's iPods very soon!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Poll Results for June and New Poll for July

Wow...can you believe we are halfway through with 2009?! Time files, doesn't it! With that, it's time for the results of last month's poll, and a new question to be asked:

Last month, I asked
If the NPC/IFBB were to give you a chance to reconstruct ONE female division, which would you choose? And overwhelming 70% of you chose women's bodybuilding, while 20% chose figure, and just 10% chose fitness. I'm not gonna lie; I was shocked by these results. I'll post how I feel about the divisions sometime after the Olympia.

This month's question has to do with publicity in the business:
Which form of publicity do you feel is the best in the female muscle industry? The choices are,
  • television
  • internet
  • magazine
The Olympia is fast approaching, and there's more contests on the way? Who will join the Olympia Class of 2009? :)