Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Poll Results for June and New Poll for July

Wow...can you believe we are halfway through with 2009?! Time files, doesn't it! With that, it's time for the results of last month's poll, and a new question to be asked:

Last month, I asked
If the NPC/IFBB were to give you a chance to reconstruct ONE female division, which would you choose? And overwhelming 70% of you chose women's bodybuilding, while 20% chose figure, and just 10% chose fitness. I'm not gonna lie; I was shocked by these results. I'll post how I feel about the divisions sometime after the Olympia.

This month's question has to do with publicity in the business:
Which form of publicity do you feel is the best in the female muscle industry? The choices are,
  • television
  • internet
  • magazine
The Olympia is fast approaching, and there's more contests on the way? Who will join the Olympia Class of 2009? :)

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