Monday, April 21, 2008

A little introduction...

Hello everyone!

I'd thought I'd take this time to introduce myself. I'm Chris, but most people call me C-Ray.
I go by cray17, cray2005, and similar things on other female muscle boards. Some of you know me by my overwhelming respect and support for female muscle. If you don't know, you will. LOL.

I have the upmost respect for any female who does this for a living, regardless of female muscle category (FBB, fitness, figure) If this was easy, everyone (male and female) would do it, plain and simple. They're women, they're athletes, but most importantly, they're human. These women do so much to take your bodies to levels people only dream about. All the haters know how to do is to criticize them for being who they are and what they do and why? Because they're jealous. Unlike the athletes and fans, they don't understand the hard work it takes to develop top physiques. They don't get the sacrifices that are made to be. At first , when I was nothing more than a naive teen, I liked them because they were hot to me. They’re STILL hot to me, but these days as I'm getting older and understanding the sport more, I’m focus more on their respect and dedication for what they do.

Like everyone, I have my personal favorites. My five favorite FBBs (in no particular order) are Vicki Nixon, Diana Tinnelle, Theresa Hendricks, Cory Everson, and Dayana Caedeu. My favorite fitness competitors (once again in no particular order) are Julie Childs, Kim Klein, Adela Garcia, Heidi Fletcher, and Jenny Hendershott. And last but not least (in no order), my favorite figure competitors are Christine Pompomio-Pate, Jennifer Gates, Jane Awad, Monica Brant, and Amanda Savell.

In addition to being a fan of female muscle, I'm a big fan of pro wrestling. Mainstream or independent circuit, you name it, I like it. My favorite female wrestler of all time is Trish Stratus, a former fitness model. And my favorite current male wrestler is John Cena, a former ametuer bodybuilder. My other favorite is Kofi Kingston. Others I dig are Samoa Joe, Mr. Kennedy, Umaga, MVP, AJ Styles, The Motor City Machine Guns, Torrie Wilson, Victoria, The Hardys, Sabu, RVD, Sandman, CM Punk, Elijah Burke, and The Rock (who is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE WRESTLER), among others. I know it's scripted (or if you want to call it fake, I don't care), but I enjoy it nethertheless.

I've created a few Yahoo fan clubs, which have been suprisingly (to me) successful. I'll post them on a future post. A good deal of the competitors have lended a helping hand in a good deal of their respective groups, which is cool.

Well, there's a little about me. But the focus of this blog is to highlight some of the best and brightest of female muscle from the past, present, and future, as well as my insights on the industry as a whole. This is just another way of bringing the sport of female muscle to a bigger, more positive light.

Hope you enjoy this blog!!!