Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Warrens to be on National TV

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It's awesome to see those in our industry to be part of mainstream television. On her Twitter account (, Trish Warren mentioned that her and her husband Branch will be on the Discovery Channel in the near future! Here's her exact Tweet:

Branch and I filmed a documentary for the Discovery Channel, I will keep you posted on when it will air!
So as soon as I hear word of this, I'll pass this information down to you all. So, if you haven't gotten the Discovery Channel, now would be a great time to get it. Congrats to the Warrens! Hope many of you all tune in!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sharing a TenSpot with...Amanda Hatfield

This year saw the return of one of the best built and conditioned fitness competitors the NPC has ever had, Amanda Hatfield. never heard of her? If you were a fan back around 2004-2005, you might have heard of the name Amanda Swallow. Same person, but a bit older and wiser, and clearly from her return, better than ever. Still possessing her trademark arms, she's back and looks to be heading towards a pro card, either in fitness...or quite possibly, women's physique.

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FitGems Nation: Let’s kick this off by telling us a bit about yourself.
Amanda Hatfield: I am the General Manager of PowerHouse Gym in Berea, Ohio. I recently started a fitness team, which has really taken off and keeping me super busy. In fact some days I put in about 16 hours! I love what I do and I have come across a great group of young women!

FitGems: When did you first start competing?
Amanda: My very first competition was when I was 10 years old. I had made our local gymnastics team after only 2 years of training. My first fitness competition was in Phoenix, Arizona in April of 2004.

FitGems: What is your strategy when you head to the gym? Is it mostly weight-training, mostly cardio, a balanced mixture of the two, or something else?
Amanda: It really depends on what on want to accomplish. In the past couple of years my focus was trying to improve on my shape. I love to train heavy and push myself to lift more weight. But being in fitness cardio is such a big part of training, so you have to keep a balance. This off season I am concentrating on improving my routine. I have been going back to my roots of gymnastics training.

FitGems: At first glance, has anyone mistaken you for being in something OTHER than physique competitions (MMA fighter, boxer, pro wrestler, track and field runner, softball player, etc?)
Amanda: People usually have me pegged as a gymnast. I always get asked the same two questions, “Do you work out?” Or “What do you do for your arms?” I usually reply, “Its Hydroxy Cut.”…LOL! Then I confess and tell the truth, followed by business card.

FitGems: With women’s physique and bikini now part of the NPC and IFBB, do you feel that there’s now a division for every female who wants to compete?
Amanda: Absolutely!

FitGems: You recently returned to competition this year, ALMOST winning your pro card in fitness. What made you decide to return to competition?
Amanda: I wish I had never left. My career took a different turn. I was a platform artist for Aquage Hair Products. I did a lot of traveling and long hours, which made it impossible to compete. Recently my boyfriend, Joe Mazzone and I purchased the PowerHouse Gym in Berea, Ohio.

FitGems: To many people, your biceps are among the best in fitness. (Okay, that wasn't a question, but a statement. LOL.)
Amanda: That’s funny, because I think I am the only one who doesn’t like them. In fact I don’t even train arms anymore. I would trade them in on a good pair of shoulders any day! (Interesting....)

FitGems: If you weren’t a part of the female physique world whatsoever, what would you be doing right now as your profession?
Amanda: I would probably still be slaving behind a stylist chair!

FitGems: What (if anything) would you change about any of the IFBB female divisions?
Amanda: I would prefer fitness be judged more on conditioning. I love Oksana Grishina. I think she should be taking first. The comments are always that she is too lean. I believe most women prefer her physique. I also feel to be physically capable to perform the routine that she brings to the competition you have to be in that awesome condition.

FitGems: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to compete?
Amanda: My advice is always to compete for the right reasons. Through my years of coaching gymnastics and now training fitness, figure and bikini competitors, I have learned you have to do it because you love it. I mean love all of it, even leg day! I make sure I enjoy every training session! I am trying to pass this on to my girls.

For more on Amanda, you can find her on Facebook under the name Amanda Hatfield.