Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jason Adams Industry Blog

Well, this blog was supposed to happen a little later. However seems some people
have issues with what I was going to write this week, so to let the dust settle, I
postponed that one. So instead I thought I would use this as a chance to write about two important women in my life. Then talk a little about Masters Nationals.

Let's start with Belinda Hope. Belinda is what I call the best Figure competitor you have not heard of. Now obviously many have heard of her, but sadly not enough people have heard of her. Her resume says it all. I first met Belinda when she was one of the first to express interest in doing an interview for my Promoting Women Blog. Since then, she has become a great friend. When someone attacks me for not agreeing with my beliefs, I can always count on Belinda to have my back. She helps me to say what I want to say, stand up for myself, and believe in myself. Belinda has offered for me to come down and spend a week training in Florida with her, and you can bet your ass I will do that. Belinda has such an amazing physique. Pro quality for sure. She is always so giving of her time and I really believe she enjoys seeing others succeed as much as seeing herself succeed. Belinda once did not win a competition. She asked the judges what she needed to do, they told her, she made those changes and guess who won the Orlando Europa? That's right, it was Belinda. She is such an inspiring woman, and someone I am honored to know.

Sarah Kinney. Sarah also does Figure. You may recall last week I mentioned others who helped me before Danny J. Sarah is one of them. She offered on her own to help me when I was starting. Me not staying with her is not because she wasn't good enough, because she is good enough and then some, I think we just had philosophical differences. Because I learned so much, and still learn so much from Sarah. Sarah has become one of my best friends. Always encourages me as well. When I do good, I can't wait to tell Sarah. Sarah is new to the competing world, but she is destined to do great things. Why? Because she wants it and is capable of it. As much as she seems to enjoy my progress, I equally enjoy hers. She is capable of so much and going so far, and I can not wait until everyone in the industry knows the name Sarah Kinney. Sarah, you are always gonna be my Studette (inside joke). Luv Ya.

As some may know, I attended Masters Nationals over the weekend. I first must thank Doug and Sheila Benditz for the ticket and hotel room. It was a nicely run show for the most part. Met some people I had looked forward to meeting, and want to share my opinions on them.

Michelle Brent: Wow. The package she brought to the stage was incredible. And that woman can pose with the best of them. I really felt it was hers to win and was shocked she didn't win. But not only that, Michelle was also a really nice woman and I am honored to have met her. I am forever a member of Team Brent.

Melanie Gall: Actually met her at the Arnold's. Melanie always has something nice to say and supports me in my competing goals. She saw me before I saw her, and I was so happy to see her there. She almost made me cry when she complimented my weight loss and my arms. Melanie is always going to be a favorite, and they don't get much more beautiful than her.

Michelle Geist: I talked on the phone many times with Michelle. She has been busy and we lost contact. I was unaware she was even competing. I thought I recognized her, but I didn't believe she was here so I figured it can't be her. Until she recognized me. So nice to meet her in person. Such a sweet person, and an honor to finally meet.

Melissa Hulett Stevens: Someone I really was excited to finally meet. It was a goal to search her out. First though, wow, she is beautiful. Second thought, what a nice woman, third thought, what a great physique. I thought Melissa deserved better than the judges gave her.

Kristen Fonseca: Another one I had to search out. What really struck me, is pictures do not give this woman justice. In person her incredible physique is even more incredible, and she is such a beauty. Really enjoyed talking with her, and hope to do so again.

Kate Cooper: One of my favorite bodybuilders. Weird seeing her with blond hair, but she looked incredible. Her physique stood out, and she just like in on-line communication, was such a joy to talk to.

Sheila Benditz: So thankful for Sheila. I would not have been there without her and her husband Doug. Sheila looked incredible and was a joy to talk to and meet. I really believe next year, Master's belongs to Sheila.

Gina Davis: One of the greats in my mind. Surprised to see her there and even more
surprised she was familiar with my blog. Meeting Gina a taking a photo was a highlight for me.

Sue Scheppele: Sue was one of the people who really made me a fan of the sport. When she said she was working a booth there I was so excited to meet her. We meet and had a nice talk. Sue invited me to come train with her and I am honored. Can't wait for that. Sue looked like with a couple weeks prep she could have owned the stage had she competed. And while I always said she was beautiful, in person she is even more so.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Song of the Week-12 Stones "We Are One"

This is one of my favorite songs at the moment. Definitely one to add to your workout tracks. This is not only a track dedicated to the U.S. troops, but this is also the track for the WWE Nexus group.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Save Fitness Now is now on Facebook

In addition to the Save Fitness Now blog and Twitter, I've finally created a fan page dedicated to helping spread the world about the NPC and IFBB fitness division and help reignite the fire and passion of it. If you're on Facebook, please "like" SaveWomensFitnessNow! :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Eurpoa Battle of Champions Webcast

Just like the Phoenix Pro and Arnold Classic (and later on this year, the Olympia), the Europa Show of Champions will be webcasted for the world to view.

Click here to view the webcast.

Go to it now, as the NPC portion is going on as we speak. The IFBB portion will take place at 7PM/6PM Central for prejudging. so I'd go on and bookmark the link. Finals will take place at 2:30/1:30PM Central time.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tracey Greenwood Says Goodbye to IFBB Fitness

One of the top fitness competitors of all time says "adios" to IFBB Fitness competitions.

Considered by many to be arguably the best fitness competitor to not win the Fitness International nor the Fitness Olympia, Tracey Greenwood has decided to call it a career after competing for over a decade to the IFBB, winning several titles and being a top placer at many Arnolds and Olympias. Like many of you, Tracey has been one of my favorite fitness competitors. Her strength in her routines are unmatched, and she always brings out one of the hardest yet most complete physiques, making her a big fan favorite. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to see her on stage, but for those that have, she was a highlight for everyone.
Here's the press release from FMG, her management:


July 20, 2010 - For those of you in attendance at the 2009 IFBB Fitness Olympia, you unknowingly saw the last competition of IFBB Fitness icon Tracey Greenwood. After a long and wildly successful fitness career in both the NPC and IFBB, Tracey has decided she will be retiring from competition due to lingering injuries and just moving on in life in general. Yes, Tracey had thought about retirement previously and honestly we laughed it off and told her that she still had her best in her and not to retire. That was in 2008 when she won the IFBB Houston Pro Fitness, IFBB Atlantic City Pro Fitness, won the IFBB Europa Super Show Pro Fitness for the second time and finished second at the IFBB Fitness Olympia. That same year she was voted the FLEX Magazine Women’s Athlete Of The Year. Glad you listened to us Tracey! In 2009 Tracey started off the year placing third at the IFBB Fitness International, won the Atlantic City again and unbeknownst at the time, finished her career in third place at the IFBB Fitness Olympia.

This doesn’t mean you won’t still see Tracey. She is an expediter at almost every major NPC national competition, along with all the competitions in the NPC New York-Metropolitan district, is doing her share of emcee work, is a personal trainer and continues to promote both the NPC Tracey Greenwood Classic and NPC Deleware States.

Although now retired, rest assured that at 41 years old, Tracey’s physique can still stand right up there with any IFBB Pro Fitness competitor old or new. And in the end, she’ll always be “Trixie” to us!

On behalf of the entire FitGems Nation and to every fitness competitor and fan out there, thank you so much Tracey for everything you've given to this sport. May you continue to be an inspiration outside competing, and may God bless you as you enter the next chapter in your life! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jason Adams Industry Blog

I wanted to do this blog about someone very important to me. I have been thinking
all week how to write it. What to write, what I should or shouldn't say, how long or
short it should be. But I realized as I sit here to write it, really I should let it flow from the heart. Say what I have to say as it comes to me. So if I go off in fifty different directions, please excuse me. Who am I writing about? Danny J Johnson.

As I addressed in my last blog, my goal is to go from 292lbs to actually competing in bodybuilding. I have three trainers, but Danny J is my main trainer, in fact she is my leader. She says and I do. As of today I am at 230.2lbs. But forty of those pounds are in about eleven weeks. Those eleven weeks are my eleven weeks with Danny.

Let's start with my first contact with her. She was a Facebook friend, but a friend I never actually talked to. One day she posted about a contest she was in. Let's call it like it is, if you have seen Danny, she is beautiful. So me, trying to look like a nice guy, offered to help promote her in this contest. She said yes, and agreed to answer any question I may have now and then. From there a kind of friendship was born. WE talked on Facebook and things. Eventually phone numbers were exchanged. I had other trainers or dietitians, all very good, but still I would text Danny and ask for advice. It dawned on me, why am I using her advice more than the people who are helping me. Now each person that helped along the way was great, one, Sarah, has become one of my best friends. But, for whatever reasons, sometimes certain people just aren't right for other people. I realized, I needed Danny. SO I hired her.

Now as of now, with me in Ohio, and her in Las Vegas, mainly she does my diet,
supplements, and helps when needed. But by May of next year, I plan to move to Vegas and have her take over all my training. Why would I move across the country for that? If you knew Danny, you would know why.

This is a woman who has been through several life experiences, I don't want to go into them because it really isn't my place to tell about them. But through those experiences, she fought, she rebounded, and she became the woman she is. That beautiful woman I first saw, I don't even look at her in such a way anymore. I look at her as my friend, my leader, and the reason I will be on stage. In an industry where I have met some amazing people, but also some shady people, Danny leads the list of amazing people. She has covered it all in the industry, competitor, model, trainer, weight loss expert, speaker. Quite frankly, to me, Danny IS the fitness industry. She is an example of what is good and right about this industry. Her clients are not a quick paycheck, her clients are her concern. She wants them to do well. And she makes them want to do well. I have said, and I mean it, when I compete, it isn't about a trophy, or some people sitting by a stage saying I may or may not look the best. No, for me, I want to compete, and if I finish last, I don't care, as long as I can walk off that stage, and Danny can say "I am proud of you". That is my trophy. She is my judge.

But the thing is, Danny isn't just my fitness trainer. Danny is my life trainer. When I am depressed, upset, or feel I am not doing good enough, all it takes is one conversation with her, and I feel better. Knowing what she has overcome to be what she is now, makes me feel I can overcome and I can achieve. She makes me want to be a better person, and she does make me a better person.

I have heard several stupid comments or questions since I started.
1. A male who wants to compete in bodybuilding should not have a female trainer,
especially one who competed in Figure and Bikini. Really? That is crap. A good trainer is a good trainer.

2. What can she do for me in Vegas, that she doesn't do now? Everything!!!! I want her to do all of my training. I know it is best for me.

3. Why do I give her more credit than I give myself? I am doing good, yes, I admit that. And yes I am the one doing the work. But without Danny I would not know how to do the work, or eat right.

There are more, but those are the big ones. When I post on Facebook about my training I always end it with NO EXCUSES. People say they love my new motto. It isn't mine. It is the name of Danny's personal training business. But I adopted it because I made excuses for 15 years, and that is why I am out of shape. I will not make them anymore, and it is because of Danny. So I adopted those two words, and use them to remind myself that I can do this. And to remind me of her. I text her a lot. Probably too much, and feel bad and probably I annoy her LOL, but I like to be reminded of her on the days or times I am not texting or talking with her. Not reminded of her in some creepy way, but because of how much she inspires me. When I go to the gym and train I always make sure to look at a picture of her right before I lift, because it really motivates me. It reminds me, the best trainer in the world, is my trainer, and she believes in me, and I need to reward that belief.

I have used a word to describe Danny that some people think is weird, stranger, or an exaggeration. It isn't any of those things. It is the truth. That word is Hero. Not because she is in incredible shape (I will put her abs against anyone......just saying), not because she makes me eat healthy, or helps with training advice. But because she makes me a better person. I don't care that she is female, and do not know her age, but I assume she is even younger than me. None of that matters. Female, younger, not important, the person that Danny is, is the person I want to become. That is why I can say, and will say forever, Danny J Johnson, you are my HERO!!!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010! (Rant about Stealing at Recent Shows)

First off, a quick congrats to Nicole Nagrani and Brigita Brezovac on winning their divisions at the 2010 Tampa Pro this weekend! Them, along with Tina Chandler, Cathy LeFrancois, Jaime Baird, Vanessa Campbell are now qualified for the Olympia in less than 2 months!! :)

However, as awesome as that news is, I want to talk briefly about some news that has gotten around via Twitter and other places...stealing from purses, specifically from those of bikini competitors. This was said to have taken place at the Jr. Nationals and Team Universe, and now I read via Twitter that Dina Al Sabah (who looked great in her return to the stage, btw) had money stolen from her purse WHILE SHE WAS ON STAGE!!

Ai yi yi...

I have no clue if this is just happening to the bikini competitors, I don't know if this some kind of stupid joke or rib people are pulling, or there are those that really...REALLY don't like the bikini division to the point where they want to make a statement, telling them that "You don't belong here". I don't know what the motivation has been, but I can say's a dumb-ass thing you're doing, whoever you are. I really don't see the point of stealing money from them (or anyone else for that matter).

Let's just say this IS a personal attack on the bikini division. What is it that you're trying to accomplish? Are you trying to rid the federation of the division by messing with the ladies' purses?!?! Get real, creeps. Whether you like it or not, the division is here to stay. It's giving ladies a chance to showcase their fit physiques without going the fitness/figure route. It's also bring in more ladies to the fitness lifestyle, and that's a good thing. Let's be honest, we as a whole are too damn fat, and it the bikini division can help change that, than I'm all for it.

My little challenge to your stealers is this...rather than using your talents to rip out hardworking bikini competitor, how about you use that talent to get off your asses and make something good of yourselves. Trust me, you might like the result a whole lot more.

I usually don't go on rants like this, but these petty verbal attacks on the division on message boards and the stealing of money and even suits?! This has got to STOP. Bikini is a part of the NPC and IFBB now. Don't deny it. Accept it. Leave the hating be...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jason Adams Industry Blog

Hello everyone. Before I get going I want to thank C-Ray for this wonderful
opportunity to write for him. For those who do not know me, my name is Jason Adams. I am the man behind the Promoting Women blog, that hopefully you have all heard of. I myself am on a mission. I am trying to defy the odds and go from 292lbs to actually competing in bodybuilding. As of this writing I am at 231.4lbs. I focus on promoting women because quite honestly most of my help has been from women, from my main trainer and my HERO Danny J Johnson, to my other trainer Sara Schumann, to the great support I have from people Like Belinda Hope, Sarah Kinney, Ann Titone, Shirley Madera, Jill Crean, Jamie Eason, and many others. Don't want to make some huge list, but the others know who they are. In fact I have one male, JT Wood, who is one of my trainers, and besides that it is all women. My blog and interviews is to help pay them back, and get some support for women in the fitness and MMA industry, because really, women unfairly do not get the credit, coverage, respect, or attention that men get, and that is not right.

Now about my column. I will tell you flat out, and if you saw my interview with C-Ray, you already know this. I am opinionated. I speak my mind, and may offend some people. That's just me being me. I don't look to offend anyone, but if it happens it happens. But one thing you will never hear or read, is me say anything I do not totally believe in. I tend to ramble on and on, so I hope I can keep this interesting. I struggled on what to write about first. Or should I say, who should I make my first victims? Judges or magazine editors? Well hell, why not both of them. Some have said I should be careful with how I speak of judges because when I do compete, who knows, it may come back to haunt me. Who cares? I don't want to compete to win a trophy. I want to compete to prove I can do it. To prove that if I can overcome my degenerative hip, and the amount of weight I have to and am losing, then anyone can do it. I win when I get off stage and Danny J says she is proud.

Let's start with judges. Let me begin by saying not all judges are bad. There are some who are very good and I respect. But there are some real problems with the judging in this sport. Not necessarily who wins, but even in placings. It seems to often be about anything but your package on stage. Now every woman who gets on stage is a winner and deserves credit and respect. However I do not like when a woman busts her ass to do good, and politics prevents her from achieving what she deserves. It seems to at times appear that the winner is the one with the most sponsors or most well known trainers. In my interview with Fitgems I addressed this and I said in my opinion in a perfect world, this is how judging would be done. Get five judges, and three alternates. After the competition, but before the announcements are made, have each judge take a lie detector test. Prove they stand behind the scores and decisions they made. If you fail, your score card is gone and an alternate steps in. Let's make this wonderful sport what it should be about, working the hardest to look the best, and reward who deserves it most.

Magazine editors, my biggest problem. All do respect to Jay Cutler, but why is every
bodybuilding magazine loaded with articles and things about him? Where are the women? Do women not work as hard? Yes they do!!!! Do women not draw as many fans and readers? Yesthey do!!!!! So why do these editors not realize that? Look at the Olympia last year. Basically every magazine said "Jay Cutler wins Olympia...... oh and by the way so did Iris Kyle", not to mention he fact Fitness, Figure, and Bikini received even less than that. That is crap!!!! Yes Jay on the cover will sell your magazine. But so will Zoa Linsey on your cover. There is a negative stigma many have about muscular women, and the magazines should help clear that negative stigma up. And they can do that by featuring these women. Show them in a positive light. Show how hard the work, show how amazing each one of them is. Put these women on some covers or some featured articles, let women buy these magazines and see they have people to look up to and admire and strive to look like. Think men won't buy them if they have more women? You are wrong. Women have very big fan bases. In fact go on Facebook. Look at fan pages. Women have more members than men in most cases. Put a centerfold of Allison Moyer, Stacy Wright, Betsy and Shelly Albetta or Colette Nelson in your magazine. Do a long article on one of them or interview them. You will get more readers because men will still buy and now you have women who will want to learn from these women. Did what Iris accomplished pale in comparison to what Jay did? No it did not. What Iris did was just as impressive, yet you
didn't see Iris on one single cover. Iris is a bodybuilder, you have a bodybuilding
magazine, put her on a cover or do an article on her. More and more women are laving
Fitness for Figure. Why? Well partially because you never see any opportunities or
coverage of Fitness competitors. Where are the opportunities? Some women may want to
train and compete but do not want to get as muscular as a bodybuilder. Show and cover Fitness competitors. Show women they have an alternative. Show Fitness competitors work just as hard as bodybuilders, and that can be an alternative for them. They can train just as hard and maybe that is the look they want. Every month you have articles on different men and there training routines. Great, if you want to follow those then good for you. But where is the Kristy Hawkins routine for a bodybuilder, where is Ann Titone's training routine for a Figure competitor, where is the Victoria Larvie or LeslieRae Newton Fitness training routine? A woman may be intimidated and say "I don't want to do the Jay Cutler or Dexter Jackson routine" but if she sees a woman's routine, she may not be so intimidated.

In short, bodybuilding, and fitness in general, is not a man's sport. It is a sport,
plain and simple, so why do these magazines seem to treat it as a man's sport, that some women decide to do? Don't treat them better, don't treat them worse, treat them as what they are......EQUAL.!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The IFBB Figure One-Piece is NO MORE

News was broken yesterday by and Hardbody News. For those that haven't heard, the 2010 New York Pro Figure is officially the last time you will ever see the one-piece in IFBB figure. Below is the advisory notice making the announcement.

From: IFBB Professional League
Date: Monday, July 12, 2010


At the IFBB New York City Pro Figure on Friday July 9th, several members of the IFBB Professional League Pro Committee were on hand, including Chairman Jim Manion. A meeting was called that included a quorum to discuss the immediate elimination of the 1-Piece Swimsuit Round in the IFBB Pro Figure. This will take effect starting with the 2010 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships on July 17th. This was originally proposed to take effect at the 2010 IFBB Houston Pro Figure as stated on Advisory Notice from Tuesday, June 15th. All IFBB Pro Figure competitions from this date forward will only consist of one (1) round, the 2-Piece Swimsuit. This includes the 2010 Figure Olympia.

We will see this officially take place at the Europa Super Show in Hartford, which will be toward the end of the month. It will be interesting if this will alter some competitors placings, or better yet, step up some of the figure competitors games' up. For figure, it's now one and done, so you have one chance to do it right.

Let me throw this out there: You can have the best physique on the planet...but if you don't present it like you own it, then don't expect to place like you should. There's this old saying about "having your cake and eating it to", right?! Let me translate that to figure terms: Have YOUR physique and OWN IT! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jason Adams Joins FitGems Nation

Over the weekend, a new member to Team FitGems was added. I've posted on him a few times before on here about his blog Promoting Real Women. I'm proud to announce that Jason Adams, founder of the Promoting Real Women blog, is now a part of the FitGems team!

Jason will be an administrator of the main FitGems Nation website, as well as an admin for the Facebook fan page as well. In addition to that, he will also be writing on the blog from time to time. Word of caution...he is VERY opinionated, much more than me. Like me, he wants to see the female athletes of this industry get better treatment and better, proper recognition.

You can view his interview I did with him earlier at, and don't forget to check out his blog at If you want to follow his personal journey to the bodybuilding stage, go to

On behalf of everyone at FitGems Nation, WELCOME ABOARD, JASON!!!!!!!!!!

Mother and Daughter Makes History at Team Universe

Over the weekend, a LOT of women achieved their ultimate dream by becoming IFBB pros. Of all the people that turned pro this past weekend, two people stand out in a big way. Reason being is that for the first time in the history of this sport, a parent and his/her child became IFBB pros on the same day. I'm taking about the Nagranis.

Kristen Nagrani won her pro card by placing 2nd in the Figure Class F (and also placed 2nd in Masters Figure, Class D), while her daughter Nicole Nagrani won Bikini Class B, as well as the overall bikini title. Nicole won't be wasting any time beginning her pro career, as according to Isaac via the Hardbody News Twitter, she will be making her pro debut this weekend at the Tampa Pro.

This industry doesn't get a lot of positive attention as it should get, especially among the ladies, so it makes something like this even more special. A mother/daughter bond is one of those special bonds you can't duplicate and can't explain unless you're a mother or a daughter. Seeing as I'm male, I can't speak for either of the Nagranis or any mother/daughter team out there in the industry. Plus, I can't even begin to imagine how unbelievably tight the bond has to be with them competing. They understand what it takes to train, how to eat, what supplements to take, and all the necessary things going into being a physique competitor. I can't even begin to imagine how they felt when they saw each other become IFBB Pros.

Both women achieved something that might not be duplicated by a parent-child team for quite some time. Than again, it could. But they can never claim to be the first. That honor will forever go to the mother/daughter team of Kristen and Nicole Nagrani. On behalf of FitGems Nation, we congratulate the both of you and wish you nothing but the best of luck to you in your IFBB careers! Like daughter. :)

Click here to view a great article from RxMuscle, talking more in-depth about the mother/daughter physique team, prior to the Team Universe

Mother and IFBB Pros. Kristen (left) and Nicole (right) Nagrani (photo credit: Muscular Development)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Changing Your Goals (by Lizzy Ostro)

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a pretty driven person with a set of goals that you wish to accomplish. Not just anyone can walk on stage in 5 inch heels and a bikini with confidence. The dedication and hard work that is put into those few minutes on stage is grinding, but absolutely worth it.

Most of us set goals a few times per year. A lot of time is spent thinking about these goals and when we write them down, they are set in stone. But should that always be the case?

If we set out goals and do not complete them, we all feel like failures. There may be many reasons that your goals weren’t accomplished, but if you did all that you could, there is no reason to get down on yourself about it. Rather, maybe it’s time to change your goals. Maybe you were a bit ambitious with your goals, and this might be just the right time to adjust your goals and reevaluate what you want out of life.

It can be pretty easy to get caught up in competing. I, for one, take the sport very seriously and sometimes forget that there is another world outside of competing. I’ve only competed in two shows, but my training, eating, and sleeping schedule all revolve around getting my body to the condition that I want it in. I’m not always perfect, but I strive to be perfect and that is what keeps me engaged in my training. I am a very competitive person, and I won’t step on stage unless I feel that I am bringing the best package I possibly can to the stage. There will always be more shows. I repeat, there will ALWAYS BE MORE SHOWS.

Recently, I was faced with a dilemma. This entire year I had been planning to compete at a national show. First plan was Jr. Nationals, but when push came to shove, that wasn’t going to happen for financial reasons. NPC USA’s was next on the list and I began dieting about 16 weeks out for this show. Last week, at just 4.5 weeks out from the show, I decided that this wasn’t my show, and that I would not be competing. The measures that I would have to take to be ready for this show weren’t the healthiest, and even still didn’t guarantee the look that I wanted. I risked burning off the muscle that I worked extremely hard for, and my mind was telling me that this just wasn’t my show. Stepping away from a show after training hard for 12 weeks was and is really tough. It made me feel like I was quitting, and that I was a big F-word. No, not that word; this one: failure.

I thought about it for a few days and came to this conclusion. The goal that I set for myself was a great goal, but had I continued to strive for it, I would have sacrificed my health and body. For someone who is looking to do just one show and be done with it, this might be acceptable to them. For the 12 weeks that I did prepare for it, I put in 100% of my efforts. My diet was spot on and so was my training. I can’t be mad at myself for doing all that I could. My body just wasn’t ready for it and I can’t force it.

I like competing, and I want to continue to compete for as long as I enjoy it. And in order for me to do that, I need to think long-term. I came to a big realization while I was thinking about all of this. In order to get long-term results, you need long-term goals. If that means that I won’t be able to step on stage until August, September, or even October, then so what. What is the rush? As far as I can see, competitions aren’t going anywhere. Maybe changing your goals isn’t such a bad thing after all. As long as it isn’t an excuse used to put OFF your goals, it can be beneficial to your mind and your body. Work hard every day towards the things you want out of life and don’t ever lose sight of that.

As I continue to grow on my journey as a bikini competitor, it amazes me how many new things I learn each day. This new lesson has taught me another side of patience that I hadn’t encountered before and has left me with a new mantra: Short term goals will only get me short term results, and I’m in this for the long haul.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Site Alert: Fit Stop Central

Hey everyone! I've been informed of a great new blog side dedicated to the business side of being a female competitor. The site is called Fit Stop Central. FSC provides information that can help those that are full-time or part-time in the bodybuilding industry. In these economic times, competitors need all the help they can get. This just might be one of the most informative sites you'll ever need. It just opened today, but trust me, this is one blog you will want to bookmark right away.

Fit Stop Central is run by one of my best internet friends, dallas3. If you're part of Siouxcountry, RxMuscle, or FitGems, you know this guy quite well. :) If not, let me tell you a little about him. Like me, he's one of the young guns taking a stand and willing to go above and beyond to give respect back to the female muscle industry and all of the competitors. You won't find many people quite like dallas3; I promise you that.

Here's the link to his site:

I HIGHLY recommend you bookmark this site. 

If you have any questions, please contact dallas3 on Siouxcountry, FitGems Nation, or RxMuscle.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FitGems Nation on YouTube

I'm very aware of how much time all you ladies put into this sport, but sometimes it doesn't leave too much time to expand your name besides competing. Being on magazines, paysites, etc. is what separates a star from a competitor. With that being said, I've decided to create a Youtube channel for FitGems Nation.

I created the YouTube channel to host FitGems-created content, such as interviews, site news, and (hopefully) contest footage and candid stuff from the members. Recently, I did my first audio interview, with IFBB Pro Diana Stanback. Minus a few technical issues, I say the interview turned out alright. :)

Part 1:

Part 2:

In addition to hosting FitGems-created material, this channel will be used to host any videos of competitors that want to get their name out there, showcase their training routines, answer questions from fans, etc. This is a great opportunity for those that want to make a name for themselves besides JUST competing. All competitors have to do is send me your video(s) to me at and I'll take care of the rest. This is a FREE service I'm offering to every female competitor out there, regardless of division, regardless of federation.

If you're a fan and want to contribute a video from a competitor, you may do so as long as the competitor you film or have a video by is okay with it. I will NOT accept any video that is from another site and you don't have permission to post it. That's pirating and is illegal. While most people will watch and not think about the consequences, you're doing more harm than good when you post a copyrighted video on YouTube. Piracy=less money for the competitor/site. Less money=less opportunities and exposure in the long run.

This is a chance for free marketing in this industry, and I encourage you all to take advantage of this opportunity. If you have any questions, please email me at, and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Monica Brant: Goodbye IFBB, Hello WBFF!!

Yes, your eyes are NOT deceiving you. Monica Brant, the most iconic female in IFBB history, is leaving the IFBB organization for the WBFF! broke the HUGE news hours ago, and my jaw was literally on the floor. To say that this is a groundbreaking announcement is nothing short of an understatement.

I will be posting more on this later on in the week, but for now, what are your thoughts on this major news? How do you feel about Monica's jump from the IFBB to the WBFF? Smart move or career killer? Has the winds changes in this industry forever, and this time, NOT in IFBB's favor? Leave a comment below.