Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Masters Olympia for Women (FitGems Version)

2012 marks the return of the Masters Olympia. There will also be Fitness, Figure, and Bikini as part of the Miami Pro. The masters' part is just for men's bodybuilding, though. While it's awesome to see some of the former top dogs competing in a "Who's Who" of legendary male competitors, it would be just as nice to see the Masters Olympia aim for the women of the sports.

Who would compete it it you ask? I'm sure there are various opinions out there, but our version would consist of a women's bodybuilding, fitness, and figure portion. Neither bikini or women's physique has been around long enough yet to have a Masters Olympia, so we'll hold off on that for a bit. The women that would be eligible to compete would be any lady that competed in any Olympia or Arnold up until 2010 that is in their late 30s and beyond. Hey, this IS a Masters Olympia we're talking about. Can't have any young guns (in age) for this show! In fact, we have even created a line-up of competitors that would fit the bill easily:

Ms. Masters Olympia
1. Lenda Murray
2. Vickie Gates
3. Betty Parsio
4. Denise Masino
5. Dayana Cadeau
6. Juliette Bergman
7. Desiree Ellis
8. Kim Chizevesky
9. Valentina Chepiga
10. Yaxeni Oriquen
11. Lisa Aukland
12. Bonnie Priest

Ms. Masters Fitness Olympia
1. Susie Curry
2. Jenny Worth
3. Jenny Hendershott
4. Kim Scheideler
5. Julie Childs
6. Julie Palmer
7. Tracey Greenwood
8. Mia Finnegan
9. Carol Semple
10. Mary Yockey
11. Heidi Sullivan
12. Adela Garcia

Ms. Masters Figure Olympia
1. Davana Medina
2. Jenny Lynn
3. Christine Pomponio-Pate
4. Amber Littlejohn
5. Monica Brant
6. Mari Kudla
7. Jamie Franklin
8. Mary Elizabeth Lado
9. Jennifer Gates
10. Jane Awad
11. Latisha Wilder
12. Tara Scotti

12 competitors in each division to make it an even playing field. Prize money SHOULD be higher than usual. How much is up for debate.

What do you think? Is a Masters Olympia for the women a possibly, or is it out of the question? Let us know in the comments below or post your thoughts on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FitGemsNation.

Marc Thyssen's Gold Coast Photoshoots This Weekend

FitGems favorite Marc Thyssen is doing a Gold Coast photoshoot beginning December 2nd and going on through December 5th. There are literally a couple of photo shoot spots left (if they haven't been taken already), so if you're in the area, get in contact with Marc at marc@marcthyssen.com to see about getting a photoshoot with him! Best images have a chance to be featured in Inside Fitness Magazine Australia, which is one of the top fitness magazines in Austraila. If you just want to contact him for a future shoot, I highly recommend you do that. He does nice work!

Sample collage of Marc's work
Photo credit: His Facebook page

He has photographed some of the biggest names in the sport, including Monica Brant, Adela Garcia, Felicia Romero, Nicole Wiklins, Larissa Reis, Sabrina Taylor, Christine Pomponio, Sonia Gonzales, Monica Escalante, and more! He's also the creator of the now-famous FitHeat 2010 and wildly successful Fitness Supermodel Weekend in 2011, both taking place in Las Vegas. His website is http://www.marcthyssen.com and he's on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MarcThyssenPhotography. Also check out our interview we did with Marc last year.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nicole Wilkins to Sit Out 2013 Figure International

Nicole Wilkins @ 2012 Figure International. She will sit out this contest in 2013, guaranteeing a new champion crowned.
Photo credit: Muscular Development

The Arnold list isn't out yet and won't be out for a good month or so, and already there's a major shake-up for one of the Arnold contest. Nicole Wilkins, the three-time and current Figure International champion, will sit out the 2013 Figure International show, putting on hold a possible record-breaking fourth Figure International title. Here's why Nicole decided to sit out the show next year, from her Facebook page:

For the past five years, the Monday after Thanksgiving always marks the first day of my prep for the Arnold Classic. But not this year - because, since 2008, I've decided to sit out the event. For the first time since I've been a pro, I'm going to give myself a longer offseason to make the improvements I feel are necessary to get my physique where I want it to be to hopefully win back the Figure Olympia title.  
For those of you who will be in Columbus, I will be too - just at the Met-Rx booth and not on stage. I'm sure it will be hard watching all of the other girls competing that weekend, but I know this is the right decision for me at this time. And I know I'll be back on the Arnold Classic Figure International stage in 2014 going for title No. 4! 
Thank you to Fitness Management Group (FMG), my trainer Kim Oddo and MET-Rx for supporting me with this decision. Here's to a great 2013!

This news is HUGE, as we will definitely be crowning one new champion at the Arnold next year. This no doubt makes the current Figure Olympia champion Erin Stern a odds-on favorite to win her first Figure International title. But then again, Candice Keene will be entering 2013 with a streak of her own after arguably the best year of her career. Ava Cowan is definitely one to consider in the Figure International title hunt, and quite possibly the fitness-turned-figure competitor Camala Rodriguez could shock the world and enter her first FIGURE International competition and emerge victorious.

It will definitely be interesting who will emerge at the new champion in 2013 whether it be those names mentioned above or someone else What will also be interesting to see is what kinds of improvements Nicole will make during her offseason. She can definitely bring it, as proved in 2011 at the Tournament of Champions when she wowed a lot of people with her lean and tight yet full and feminine physique, something most people didn't think was possible from Nicole. Imagine if she can pull that look off again.

Will we see a look similar to this from Nicole next year?
Photo credit: MuscleContest.com

We have full confidence when Nicole does return to the stage in 2013 (whether it be at the Olympia or sometime before), she will wow the audience again. We wish her best of luck in her offseason and on her road to regaining the Figure Olympia title in 2013! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Update on Wrestling's Fitness Knockouts

Last month, I made a post about how TNA Knockouts Rosita and Madison Rayne were making their fitness competition debuts this year. This past weekend, both ladies, as well as fellow former TNA Knockout Roxxi (real name Nicole Raczynski), made some serious waves in the fitness world, including one of them making a big case heading into one of the biggest events on the year this weekend.

Rosita and Roxxi competed in the WBFF New England this past weekend and BOTH ladies placed in the top ten in their divisions. Roxxi has been competing for quite a while, but this was Rosita's first fitness competition. Congrats to both ladies on their awesome performances at the WBFF New England.

Madison Rayne entered the Jenn Hendershott All Women's Weekend and Big Shott Classic and competed in bikini and placed 2nd in her class. Adding to her win a few months ago, she is riding a big wave of momentum entering the NPC Nationals this weekend. Should she place in the top two in her class, she will become an IFBB Pro, and will join a very elite class of people to be a top active wrestler AND a pro in the fitness world. 

Once again, we congrats all three ladies on a job well-done this past weekend and wish them all best of luck as they move ahead in their careers, on stage and in the ring!