What is FitGems Nation?

FitGems Nation is an interactive community site that was created for the sport of female muscle. Created by C-Ray (known as cray17 at Siouxcountry) in 2008, FitGems Nation was made for competitors, fans and everyone in the industry to show support to all female physique divisions (women’s bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and bikini). It began as a blog (http://fitgems.blogspot.com), then a full-fledged website was formed (http://www.fitgemsnation.net), and now it's becoming one of the most respected sites in the industry, just for the main purpose of people having a place they can call home...or at least a place to visit at times and discuss the female muscle industry on THEIR terms. :)

What do you get when you join the main site? You get your own free profile, post blogs, photos, and videos, start training journals, join and create your own groups, and get to interact with fellow competitors, fans, and industry members from across the globe, and more!

Current members of FitGems include top industry members including Siouxcountry, HDPhysiques, Kriv Studios, and Muscle Angels, and IFBB pros such as Jenny Lynn, Victoria Larvie, Monica Mark-Escalante, Macey Boudreau, Stacey Oster-Thompson, and Ann Titone and up-and-coming stars such as Carla Gutierrez, Jenn Jackson, Laura Bailey, Sara Picken-Brown, and more.

Since then, FitGems has grown from just a blog and website to a huge network with the use of Twitter and Facebook, and plans to expand beyond that in the years to come. Click on the links and banners below to visit the entire FitGems Network:

FitGems Nation Official Website
FitGems Nation Official Blog

FitGems Nation on Twitter
FitGems Nation on Youtube

If you have any questions regarding any part of FitGems Nation, please contact me at admin@fitgemsnation.net

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Anonymous said...

What are the names of the models shown in the photo at the top of the page? I would really like to know!