Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Site Alert: Fit Stop Central

Hey everyone! I've been informed of a great new blog side dedicated to the business side of being a female competitor. The site is called Fit Stop Central. FSC provides information that can help those that are full-time or part-time in the bodybuilding industry. In these economic times, competitors need all the help they can get. This just might be one of the most informative sites you'll ever need. It just opened today, but trust me, this is one blog you will want to bookmark right away.

Fit Stop Central is run by one of my best internet friends, dallas3. If you're part of Siouxcountry, RxMuscle, or FitGems, you know this guy quite well. :) If not, let me tell you a little about him. Like me, he's one of the young guns taking a stand and willing to go above and beyond to give respect back to the female muscle industry and all of the competitors. You won't find many people quite like dallas3; I promise you that.

Here's the link to his site:

I HIGHLY recommend you bookmark this site. 

If you have any questions, please contact dallas3 on Siouxcountry, FitGems Nation, or RxMuscle.


Joe Lenihan said...

Thanks for the FYI, looks like it will be a good blog! There is definitely a need for this considering how young so many new competitors are.

C-Ray said...

I agree with a need for a blog/site like Fit Stop Central. Not only beneficial for the newbies, but also the veterans, and of course, those that need to know the financial aspects of being a competitor.

Plus, I've known the creator of this site for what seems like years. He's definitely going to do this blog justice; I have no doubt in my mind about that. :)