Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The IFBB Figure One-Piece is NO MORE

News was broken yesterday by IFBBPro.com and Hardbody News. For those that haven't heard, the 2010 New York Pro Figure is officially the last time you will ever see the one-piece in IFBB figure. Below is the advisory notice making the announcement.

From: IFBB Professional League
Date: Monday, July 12, 2010


At the IFBB New York City Pro Figure on Friday July 9th, several members of the IFBB Professional League Pro Committee were on hand, including Chairman Jim Manion. A meeting was called that included a quorum to discuss the immediate elimination of the 1-Piece Swimsuit Round in the IFBB Pro Figure. This will take effect starting with the 2010 IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championships on July 17th. This was originally proposed to take effect at the 2010 IFBB Houston Pro Figure as stated on Advisory Notice from Tuesday, June 15th. All IFBB Pro Figure competitions from this date forward will only consist of one (1) round, the 2-Piece Swimsuit. This includes the 2010 Figure Olympia.

We will see this officially take place at the Europa Super Show in Hartford, which will be toward the end of the month. It will be interesting if this will alter some competitors placings, or better yet, step up some of the figure competitors games' up. For figure, it's now one and done, so you have one chance to do it right.

Let me throw this out there: You can have the best physique on the planet...but if you don't present it like you own it, then don't expect to place like you should. There's this old saying about "having your cake and eating it to", right?! Let me translate that to figure terms: Have YOUR physique and OWN IT! :)

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