Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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I wanted to do this blog about someone very important to me. I have been thinking
all week how to write it. What to write, what I should or shouldn't say, how long or
short it should be. But I realized as I sit here to write it, really I should let it flow from the heart. Say what I have to say as it comes to me. So if I go off in fifty different directions, please excuse me. Who am I writing about? Danny J Johnson.

As I addressed in my last blog, my goal is to go from 292lbs to actually competing in bodybuilding. I have three trainers, but Danny J is my main trainer, in fact she is my leader. She says and I do. As of today I am at 230.2lbs. But forty of those pounds are in about eleven weeks. Those eleven weeks are my eleven weeks with Danny.

Let's start with my first contact with her. She was a Facebook friend, but a friend I never actually talked to. One day she posted about a contest she was in. Let's call it like it is, if you have seen Danny, she is beautiful. So me, trying to look like a nice guy, offered to help promote her in this contest. She said yes, and agreed to answer any question I may have now and then. From there a kind of friendship was born. WE talked on Facebook and things. Eventually phone numbers were exchanged. I had other trainers or dietitians, all very good, but still I would text Danny and ask for advice. It dawned on me, why am I using her advice more than the people who are helping me. Now each person that helped along the way was great, one, Sarah, has become one of my best friends. But, for whatever reasons, sometimes certain people just aren't right for other people. I realized, I needed Danny. SO I hired her.

Now as of now, with me in Ohio, and her in Las Vegas, mainly she does my diet,
supplements, and helps when needed. But by May of next year, I plan to move to Vegas and have her take over all my training. Why would I move across the country for that? If you knew Danny, you would know why.

This is a woman who has been through several life experiences, I don't want to go into them because it really isn't my place to tell about them. But through those experiences, she fought, she rebounded, and she became the woman she is. That beautiful woman I first saw, I don't even look at her in such a way anymore. I look at her as my friend, my leader, and the reason I will be on stage. In an industry where I have met some amazing people, but also some shady people, Danny leads the list of amazing people. She has covered it all in the industry, competitor, model, trainer, weight loss expert, speaker. Quite frankly, to me, Danny IS the fitness industry. She is an example of what is good and right about this industry. Her clients are not a quick paycheck, her clients are her concern. She wants them to do well. And she makes them want to do well. I have said, and I mean it, when I compete, it isn't about a trophy, or some people sitting by a stage saying I may or may not look the best. No, for me, I want to compete, and if I finish last, I don't care, as long as I can walk off that stage, and Danny can say "I am proud of you". That is my trophy. She is my judge.

But the thing is, Danny isn't just my fitness trainer. Danny is my life trainer. When I am depressed, upset, or feel I am not doing good enough, all it takes is one conversation with her, and I feel better. Knowing what she has overcome to be what she is now, makes me feel I can overcome and I can achieve. She makes me want to be a better person, and she does make me a better person.

I have heard several stupid comments or questions since I started.
1. A male who wants to compete in bodybuilding should not have a female trainer,
especially one who competed in Figure and Bikini. Really? That is crap. A good trainer is a good trainer.

2. What can she do for me in Vegas, that she doesn't do now? Everything!!!! I want her to do all of my training. I know it is best for me.

3. Why do I give her more credit than I give myself? I am doing good, yes, I admit that. And yes I am the one doing the work. But without Danny I would not know how to do the work, or eat right.

There are more, but those are the big ones. When I post on Facebook about my training I always end it with NO EXCUSES. People say they love my new motto. It isn't mine. It is the name of Danny's personal training business. But I adopted it because I made excuses for 15 years, and that is why I am out of shape. I will not make them anymore, and it is because of Danny. So I adopted those two words, and use them to remind myself that I can do this. And to remind me of her. I text her a lot. Probably too much, and feel bad and probably I annoy her LOL, but I like to be reminded of her on the days or times I am not texting or talking with her. Not reminded of her in some creepy way, but because of how much she inspires me. When I go to the gym and train I always make sure to look at a picture of her right before I lift, because it really motivates me. It reminds me, the best trainer in the world, is my trainer, and she believes in me, and I need to reward that belief.

I have used a word to describe Danny that some people think is weird, stranger, or an exaggeration. It isn't any of those things. It is the truth. That word is Hero. Not because she is in incredible shape (I will put her abs against anyone......just saying), not because she makes me eat healthy, or helps with training advice. But because she makes me a better person. I don't care that she is female, and do not know her age, but I assume she is even younger than me. None of that matters. Female, younger, not important, the person that Danny is, is the person I want to become. That is why I can say, and will say forever, Danny J Johnson, you are my HERO!!!!!!

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