Sunday, July 18, 2010! (Rant about Stealing at Recent Shows)

First off, a quick congrats to Nicole Nagrani and Brigita Brezovac on winning their divisions at the 2010 Tampa Pro this weekend! Them, along with Tina Chandler, Cathy LeFrancois, Jaime Baird, Vanessa Campbell are now qualified for the Olympia in less than 2 months!! :)

However, as awesome as that news is, I want to talk briefly about some news that has gotten around via Twitter and other places...stealing from purses, specifically from those of bikini competitors. This was said to have taken place at the Jr. Nationals and Team Universe, and now I read via Twitter that Dina Al Sabah (who looked great in her return to the stage, btw) had money stolen from her purse WHILE SHE WAS ON STAGE!!

Ai yi yi...

I have no clue if this is just happening to the bikini competitors, I don't know if this some kind of stupid joke or rib people are pulling, or there are those that really...REALLY don't like the bikini division to the point where they want to make a statement, telling them that "You don't belong here". I don't know what the motivation has been, but I can say's a dumb-ass thing you're doing, whoever you are. I really don't see the point of stealing money from them (or anyone else for that matter).

Let's just say this IS a personal attack on the bikini division. What is it that you're trying to accomplish? Are you trying to rid the federation of the division by messing with the ladies' purses?!?! Get real, creeps. Whether you like it or not, the division is here to stay. It's giving ladies a chance to showcase their fit physiques without going the fitness/figure route. It's also bring in more ladies to the fitness lifestyle, and that's a good thing. Let's be honest, we as a whole are too damn fat, and it the bikini division can help change that, than I'm all for it.

My little challenge to your stealers is this...rather than using your talents to rip out hardworking bikini competitor, how about you use that talent to get off your asses and make something good of yourselves. Trust me, you might like the result a whole lot more.

I usually don't go on rants like this, but these petty verbal attacks on the division on message boards and the stealing of money and even suits?! This has got to STOP. Bikini is a part of the NPC and IFBB now. Don't deny it. Accept it. Leave the hating be...


Becca said...

Rebecca Snide Staggs 'likes this'.
I hadn't heard about any of this, but i'll tell you one thing, I NEvER left my bag unattended, and if I did, it was with a girlfriend I trusted. This is disgusting, whether happening to bikini competitors or not. Ridiculous.

Melissa Cunningham said...

wow,i totally agree with this post..enough is enough,and how shallow can someone get stealing from a bikini gal to make a statement????

lets face it,bikini will be around for a ppl can hate all they want but stooping down so low as to steal?

Anonymous said...

Agree the theft is plain wrong but it's not targeted as a statement to the bikini competitors. Over the years I've been competing even before bikini was introduced, we had theft backstage take place on many many occasions. It's quite a shame that you can't trust your belongings unattended however take some responsibility to prevent it. Lock your case or leave the money at your hotel, with a loved one in the audience etc. etc. You get the point.