Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sabrina Gibson returns to IFBB in Jacksonville Pro Figure show

The Jacksonville Pro Figure list is not final right now, but there are a good deal of competitors looking to qualify for the 2009 Figure Olympia. Among them will be Jenny Lynn, Jessica Paxton-Putnam, and DJ Wallis. One name that caught my attention was Sabrina Taylor-Gibson.

Remember her?

Well...let me give you a little history lesson on her then.

Five years ago, Sabrina obtained her pro card in 2004 at the NPC USAs in fitness, in which her insanely-conditioned physique and routine put her above her competition. She went on to compete in the IFBB the following year at the Emerald Cup and Charlotte Pro. After that though, she disappeared from the competition scene, being stationed in Japan due to her husband being a member of the Marine Corps. She kept her physique in tact, as well as her strength, with her past as an accomplished bodybuilder and powerlifter prior to becoming a fitness competitor.
In addition to all that, she was once a part of the Air Force, so big ups to her for being a part of our Armed Forces.

In Jacksonville in a few weeks, she'll be competing for the first time in IFBB figure and the first time on a IFBB stage of any kind since 2005. A lot has changed since she became pro, so it will be interesting to see what kind of package she will bring for figure.

We at FitGems Nation wish her best of luck in her return to the IFBB stage!

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