Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monica Brant...Dancing with the Stars?

If you're a fan of fitness, then you have obviously heard of Monica Brant. If you haven't, before you read this thread, you might want to Google her name and spend a little bit of time getting to know who she is. To be honest, it's hard to be a fan of this industry and NOT know who Monica is.

On her official Facebook page, Monica has stated that she would like to be part of the popular dance show Dancing with the Stars (DWTS for short). If she was to be on the show, I think she would have a legitimate chance of making it far in the show...heck, maybe even win it! I mean, she doesn't have just one of the most impressive physiques in the industry; she's also among of the best athletes in the industry as well. I personally think it would be cool to see one of our own on one of the biggest shows on television.

For those that are not her friends on Facebook, here's her exact message.

Hi Friends~ I have been thinking a lot over the past several months about various goals and interests I have.  I have always been athletic and love dancing so one of my goals is to be on Dancing with the Stars.  At first I thought me.. Dancing with the Stars..can I do it?  And then I said YES!  They have never had an athlete from the Bodybuilding &  Fitness Industry as a contestant, so why not try to be the first! Can you see it now..Monica Brant, WBFF Figure Pro Champion & Dancing with the Stars Contestant. Ha! Ha! Makes me giggle!  I need your help.  Can you write to ABC and request I be considered for next years season.  The more people that speak up, the greater chance I have! Then, I can get passes for all of you to come and watch! Ha! Ha!  I would not be able to even consider this without all of your years of support! Love you all!xoxo

To consider Monica for a spot on the next Dancing with the Stars, go to the link below and let ABC know that you want to see the fitness icon on DWTS. Remember, the more people speak up, the better chance of Monica's goal to be on Dancing with the Stars a reality!


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