Monday, February 21, 2011

10 Weeks Out and Mini Back (Melissa Cunningham's Journal Entry #7)

10 weeks out and although the past 2 weeks have been hard due to illness (my 6 month old baby) and a death in the family,i am back on track...
another good workout chest/tris and abs followed by a mini indoor BRICK.....
the run down:
4x15 cable crossovers ss w
4x20 reverse press downs
4x15 decline DB bench ss with
4x15 decline barbell skull crushers
4x15 weighted crunch downs on cable ss w
4x12 cable kickbacks
4x 10 pushups off upside down BOSU with toes on exercise ball
(2nd set i tried alternating single leg...did it but only did 1 set that way-last seti only got 7 reps)
ss this with
4x15 weighted dips off bench with toes on ex ball
then did giant set of:
3x15 pikes on ex ball
3x20 weighted hip ups with med bal between knees
3x20 weighted alternating up and overs
then ended with 9 miles on stat bike (30 minutes)
and then immediately jumped on the TM and did
mile 1 @ 7:30 pace
when i found my legs i did
mile 2 @ 6:18
13:48 total
i felt really good after that but cut the rest of cardio short because i wanted to get in the pool with the older 2 kids before the evening classes started.
jumped in the pool with the kids,was having a great time and then they ditched me for 2 kids who were about the same age as them...
but it was still a good time!

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