Saturday, January 22, 2011

Giant Sets and a mini HIIT (Melissa Cunningham's Journal Entry #4)

well,i wasn't as tired as yesterday in the gym and got in a decent workout-
the run down:
3x10 pullups
giant set of:
kneeling lat pull down
straight arm lat pull down
giant set of:
wood chops
4x15 rope rows
4x12 rope curls

4x12 hi cable curls
2x failure "running the rack"
giant set of
hip ups with med ball
up and overs with alternating oblique twist
1 min plank on elbows

ended with a mini HIIT,due to not having enough time for 40 minutes worth-did get in 24 minutes though of 1 min on/1 min off
2 minute warm up,sprinted on the odds
2 min-@ 7.0mph(steady state)
3 min- 9.0mph
5min -9.5mph
15min- 9.0mph
17 min-9.5mph
21 min-9.5mph
23min-9.5mph 20 sec,10.0mph 20secs,11.0mph,10 sec,11.5mph 10 seconds
got in 3.25 miles-3.1 right around 22 min :)

tomorrow is chest/triceps and lots of cardio,cardio,cardio.....
OH and off subject but i found a local triathlon in April that i really want to do!!!!
should i go for it????

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