Thursday, January 20, 2011

Contest Prep: Legs/Shoulders (Melissa Cunningham's Journal Entry #3)

"tired" is an understatement today.
i know I've been sleep deprived for the past few months now,totally normal after having a baby,i know this. BUT i think this lack of sleep is catching up with me?
i had to drag myself in the gym and only had a so-so workout.
what i got in:
hip sled ss with
4x15 weighted sumo squat
4x15 prone leg curl ss with
4x12 donkey kicks
3x15 good mornings ss with
3x1 minute weighted wall squats
giant set of:
Arnold press
lateral flys
upright rows

ended with 30 minutes on the elliptical ~4.5 miles

was planning on so much more today-wanted to get in walking lunges,step ups,hip abd/add,leg press jumps,and a HIIT.

i have really got to get myself together here.
14 weeks is not very long time to bring my best physique ever to the stage.
usually i can get by with 6-8 weeks of prep before a show,HOWEVER,i am giving myself the full 14 week time frame to get myself ready.
i was going to give myself 12 weeks,but i think i am going to need to the 14.....

am planning on posting measurements at the end of the month,and every 2 weeks after that.
MAYBE a progress pic or two......

so the fun is about to begin,
the running is about to pick up
intensity is about to pick up......

tired of talking about it,its time to be about it...

game on.

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