Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Plyos and Measurements (Melissa Cunningham's Journal Entry #6)

got in 30 minutes AM cardio.
M slept all night for mommy again!
i was really NOT in the mood to go to the gym...
wasn't feeling that great and ALMOST didn't go...
but i told myself that i would go to the gym and if i still felt blah,then i would just leave.
glad i went,cause it is plyo day ans this is the day i have 2 other ppl to share in the fun with.
misery really loves company!!
same routine as last time
box jumps
ski lunge
lateral sprints
rest 1 minute on to
cycle 2:
lateral box jumps
mountain climbers
high knees
gazelle bounds
rest 1 minute on to
cycle 3
jump lunge
sumo squat with explosive jump
jump tucks
jump rope
rest 1 minute

it wasn't the funnest time ever,and the first cycle i was feeling blah,but then started to feel better.
after plyos got in
3x15 good mornings
3x30 leg press single leg jump presses with 1 minute mini squat hold
3x18 hip abd
3x18 hip add
and ended with 15 minutes on elliptical~2 miles.
i was wiped out but still feel like pansy for skipping out on cardio.
will make up for it tomorrow though.
speed work planned.
not sure if i will do 8x400 repeats or just a HIIT.....

OH also i did measurements this morning.
i wasn't planning on posting them,but figured i need to as a reminder to me,when i look back and see where i was 5 months after a baby.....
and of course to see how far i have to go in order to reach my goal #'s.

so here it is-(eeep!)
my current numbers and my goal numbers...
waist (at navel) 22.5"
hips (widest part of rear) 31"
thighs (6 inches above knee) 15.5"

in order to fit back into my teeny tiny suit this is where i was at my first pro show

so i have 8 inches to lose.
game on.

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