Sunday, January 16, 2011

Share Your Passion...Share Your Journey

If you haven't's time for competitions again! I know all of you ladies have your journeys you go though. There are fans out there that think you are born with your competition bodies...and we all know that's not the case. We also know that the road isn't as easy as others might think.

What I would like to do is offer you ladies a chance to share your journey to your contests on the blog. You can look at it as a journal of some sorts. I don't care if you're getting ready for a pro or amateur competition, I don't care if it's a big competition or a local one. It also doesn't matter what division you compete in or what federation you're a part of. I'm giving you the opportunity to share your journey with the world.

How do you do that, you ask? Just email me at with your journal entries and I'll post then on the blog for you. I won't edit them as this is YOUR journey told in YOUR own words. You determine how many journal entries you want to send to me. Good ones, bad ones, awkward ones, whatever. As long as they are REAL entries and true to yourself. Hopefully this will make people understand what it takes to be part of this industry.

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