Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Official (Melissa Cunningham's Journal Entry #5)

13 weeks 5 days out.
contest prep officially started early this morning.
yes,i finally got myself on the TM and ran for 30 minutes this morning. (lil M slept ALL night for mommy!)
had a good workout at the gym and a little extra at home.
got in:
3x10 pullups
(got 5 in unassisted 1rst set)
4x15 seated row
4x15 kneeling lat pulldown
4x15 straight arm lat pull down
4x15 barbell curl
4x15 barbell row
3x30 mofos (single arm cable curls-10 reps facing cable,10 reps rear facing cable,10 reps lateral curl)
3x12 high and wide cable pulldowns
4x15 reverse flys on ex ball (home)
4x15 prone hammer curl on ex ball (at home)
went to a 30 minute abs class which was great! it wasnt the instructor im used to,but my abs were worked,and aside from a cheesy warm up,i enjoyed the class. i was challenged.
cant remember all we did,but i know we did weighted crunch ups,planks in all directions with both upper and lower body movements,and some other stuff in between...
since i was running out of time to get cardio in,i had to sqeeeze another mini HIIT in-
only 23 minutes to do cardio,sprinted on the evens this time,steady state was @7.3 (8:13 pace) the last 16 minutes)
2min@ 9.0
4min @ 9.5
6min @9.0 mph
8min@ 9.5mph
10min @9.0mph
12min@ 9.5mph
14min @ 9.0mph
16min @ 9.5mph 30 sec,10.0mph 30 sec
18min @10.0 mph
20 min @ 10.5mph
22min@ 10.5mph 30sec,11.5mph 30 seconds
got in 3.25 miles in 22 min.
faster than last time!!!around a sub 215k,give or take 15 seconds either way...

heres to a great week yall!

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