Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In the Gym Again-Again....(Melissa Cunningham's Journal Entry #2)

yay! finally the girls are feeling better,(and no school delays for my son)so it was off to school for B, preschool for A,and to the baby child watch for M!
got in chest and triceps and plan on ab workout at home later tonight,as with evening cardio-didn't have enough time to get in the distance today at the gym.....

what i got in today:

4x15 pec dec

4x15 DB flat bench with Arnold twist ss with

4x15 skull crushers

4x15 DB kick backs ss with

3x8 push ups with feet on ex ball and hands on upside down BOSU

4x15 cable crossovers ss with

4x20 pressdowns/reverse pressdowns (10 reps each,consecutive)

4x15 dip machine

ended with 24 minutes on the TM 2.9 miles a little over 8 min pace-

not enough time for cardio caused i got wrapped up in contest prep talk from a few other gals who are doing the same shows. as it turns out, i am 14.5 weeks out from INBF (WNBF pro qualifier) show and 15.5 weeks out from the IFPA Pro show,1rst one of the year...


but it was good to be able to talk with other ppl at my gym about prep and posing and all that good stuff.....

hope all are having a great day!!

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