Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Elite: Kimmie Morgan

Photo credit: FLEX Online

Every year, there's seems to be that ONE competitor that just stands out and makes you take notice. You look at that competitor and say "Now SHE'S the ideal competitor" or "She has the ideal look". Fans try to find a flaw to their physique and overall beauty, and try as they might, they can't. They're THAT good. Monica Brant is one of those competitors. So is Juliana Malacarne. So is Gina Aliotti-Silva. Those three names (according to countless of you out there) represent what many people feel figure SHOULD be. After this past year, you can add Kimmie Morgan to that list.

In 2010, Kimmie joined the very popular and successful Team Bombshell, and she represented them proudly in the local ranks by placing 2nd in the Open Short Class at the 2010 Battle of the River Championships in Chattanooga, TN. She would follow that impressive debut with a short class and OVERALL figure victory at the 2010 NPC Southeastern Golds Gym Classic in Glasden, AL. The message was clear as day...Kimmie's ready for the big time.

Kimmie would make her National debut at the 2010 NPC USAs in Vegas, and although she didn't place in her class, she gained quite a bit of fans due to her impressive conditioning, overall muscularity, and elegant stage presence. She went on to compete at the IFBB North Americans, placing 13th out of 14 in a competitive Class A. She was noticeably softer this time around, but her now-trademark muscularity and stage presence was still there.

There are those out there who want her to be a part of some paysites such as HerBiceps, Femflex, Muscle Angels, etc, as her build is MORE than acceptable there. Others (myself included) think she could run away with the new women's physique division. Whatever she decided to do, expect Kimmie to make a name for herself in 2011 and beyond, and don't be surprised if she happens to become an IFBB Pro in the process. Keep a close eye on Kimmie in the coming months ahead; she's going places in this industry.

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