Monday, January 31, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: IFBB New York Pro Figure has been moved from July to May

IFBB Pro Figure competitors, for those that are planning to compete in the 2011 New York Pro Figure, a MAJOR change of dates has been made. This news was just posted on FLEX Online:

The IFBB New York Pro Championships is arguably the most prestigious show of the year behind the Olympia and the Arnold. This year pro figure will join the action on May 28 at the Tribecca Performing Arts Center. The NY Pro Figure Championships was originally scheduled to be held in conjunction with the NPC Team Universe in July (as it had been in past years). 

NY Pro promoter and IFBB Official Steve Weinberger said decided it was time to add figure to the esteemed Pro Championships in May. Steve said, “Figure has become a premier women’s event and it belongs on stage at New York’s biggest night of bodybuilding.”

Each year the NY Pro brings out the top names in the sport to compete and anyone who’s anyone in the industry to watch. It only makes sense that pro figure competes on the same day as the open men, under-202 men, and bikini divisions of the IFBB Pro League. May 28 just became one of the most exciting days in the IFBB and its happening on the world’s biggest stage: New York City!

With the addition of the New York Pro Figure, the New York show this year is shaping up to be one HUGE event. For more info on the show, including tickets and entry forms, go to


Becca said...

WOW! So does this mean that Team U is also in May then? I would think so...

C-Ray said... far as I know, ONLY the pro figure show has been moved (and unfortuntely found out today that pro women's bodybuilding is out).

I think The Team U will still be in July as scheduled.