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Sharing a TenSpot with...Stacy Wright (Interviewed by dallas3)

For those that know me, you might know dallas3, one of my best friends in this industry. For those unaware, he has closed his site Iron Bizz and will be incorporating a good deal of the site material to the main FitGems site. In addition, he did two interviews which I will post on the blog (with his full permission). The first interview from dallas3 is of IFBB Fitness Pro and 2011 FitGems Sponsored Athlete Stacy Wright! In addition to being sponsored by FitGems, she is also sponsored by Labrada and ABSolute Fitness. (NOTE: This interview was done prior to her stepping on stage for the first time at the New York Pro Fitness)
Stacy's Pro Debut in New York
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What made you want to make a career out of fitness?
STACY WRIGHT: While I would love to say this is my career, it is not. It doesn’t pay my bills in that aspect. I’m actually a full time registered nurse and independent personal trainer.
As for competing…I love to perform and I love to compete. The combination of muscle and balanced symmetry along with the fitness routine just fits ‘me’! I love everything about it!

DALLAS3: Best advice you’ve received in the industry?
STACY: Be patient and work to improve “YOU” each and every time you step on stage. Worry about the things you have control over, like your diet and training. Never about things you have no control over, like your placing in a show.

DALLAS3: Advice for women wanting to make a career in the industry?
STACY: It’s more than what you do on stage. It’s about networking, being a positive role model. Never sell yourself short of who you truly are. Then when you DO have a career in the fitness industry, it’s something you can truly be proud of!

DALLAS3:What would you like to do in the industry that you haven’t done yet?
STACY: Step on that pro stage! I need to make a name for myself within the IFBB. The goal is not necessarily to win #1. I know that’s not realistic. My goal is to be one they say- WOW! Now she is something. And remember my name when they leave.

DALLAS3: Best way you’ve found in getting sponsorship, booth work, in print ads, photo shoots, etc?
STACY: Be yourself and network. This is a pretty small industry so it’s easy to get in contact with people. It’s all about working your way up the ladder!

DALLAS3: Go out and seek potential sponsors or build yourself up first then go ask?
STACY: A little bit of both. You have to have something to offer, so building yourself up a bit gives you the confidence and knowledge to seek those sponsors. Do your research always before you jump the gun.

DALLAS3: Which do you like better, modeling or competing?
STACY: Competing! Although I do love getting some pretty photos in the process. If modeling would take off, I would be open to that option along with my competitions.

DALLAS3: Anyone you model your career after?
STACY: I’ve taken advice from many people and parts of their careers, but I have to be me and do what I think is best in representing myself. I’ve learned the hard way on a few things, and we all live and learn. I now am okay with not being the best or the most well known.. as long as I am staying true to myself!

DALLAS3: Best way you’ve saved on costs?
STACY: Sponsorships. Hand-me-downs. Wearing the same suits to shows throughout each year. Consignment stores. Choreographing my own routine and doing my own training and diet with my husband. There are many ways to go about saving in such an expensive sport.

DALLAS3:Finish the sentence….In 5 years I want to….
STACY: qualify for and compete at the Olympia. =) That was an easy one.

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