Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jenny Worth Returns to Her Roots

For those attending the NPC Southern States Championships on July 8-9 are in for one heck of a treat. Jenny Worth will be guest performing at the show! For the first time since having her child, she will be back on stage to perform a fitness routine.

According to Jenny, she's doing it for the love of the sport that's made her a star in the first place, women's fitness, and with this performance, she hopes to put women's fitness back on the map and hope to get people talking about Jenny again. During her interview with us earlier this year, she did mentioned that she wouldn't mind returning to compete when the time was right. Could this guest appearance be the beginning of a comeback for the 2001 Fitness International champion? I wouldn't put it past her, as many say she's among the best to never win the Fitness Olympia title. That will remain to be see whether she returns to competition, but it will be great for those attending the Southern States to see an IFBB Fitness legend on stage.

We at FitGems Nation wish her best of luck as she prepare to return to the stage for a guest appearance fans will never forget. :)

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