Friday, June 24, 2011

Interview with Kimmie Morgan

Earlier this year, I highlighted Kimmie Morgan as a New Elite, as I felt she was going to be a big star soon. Fast forward to now, I'm more confident than ever that she's got a chance to shine and get that pro card with the new women's physique division shaping up. Perfect feminine curves and amazing muscularity are major reasons why she's quickly becoming a favorite. Don't be surprised if you hear more about her in the very near future.

All photos are from Kimmie herself and has given FitGems permission to use them in the interview

The first of hopefully MANY trophies for Kimmie.

FitGems Nation: Let’s kick this off by telling us a bit about yourself.
Kimmie Morgan: Hmmm…let’s see, I’m 34, been married to my hubby, Scott, 5 years and we have a kick ass 2 yr old little girl named Kennedy. I don’t take myself seriously; as a matter of fact, I don’t take anyone too seriously to be honest with ya. I’m a daddy’s girl and I’m hoping that my daughter is the exact opposite and that she can’t get enough of ME because I’m totally obsessed with her!

FitGems: When did you first start competing?
Kimmie: I should start out by saying that I’ve been training since I was 15 years old! That’s crazy, right? I did my first fitness show in my early 20’s and quickly realized that wasn’t for me. I didn’t compete again until 2010 in Figure. I did 4 shows last year.

FitGems: What is your strategy when you head to the gym? Is it mostly weight-training, mostly cardio, a balanced mixture of the two, or something else?
Kimmie: Well, last year I trained with weights at the beginning of the year but once the season started up I had to go strictly cardio and ply metrics. It was pretty miserable I have to say. I’m a “weights” kinda girl! I’m a shorty and I gained muscle pretty quickly which is why I had to put the weights down for Figure. But I’m all about the weights this season going into Physique.

FitGems: Due to your muscularity, has anyone mistaken you for being in something OTHER than physique competitions (MMA fighter, boxer, pro wrestler, track and field runner, etc?)
Kimmie: Funny! Yes, a pro wrestler! It’s pretty darn funny too….I like to roll with it though, ya know, take pictures with the fans, sign autographs…. HAHAHAHA! Pretend like I’m “somebody”. My husband is big and bald, so he often gets mistaken for Goldberg which makes it even more believable that we could actually be pro wrestlers.

Kimmie and Scott...WWE's next power couple. LOL. :)

FitGems: With women’s physique and figure now a part of the NPC and IFBB, do you feel that there’s now a division for every female who wants to compete?
Kimmie: Absolutely. I’m waiting on them to come out with a Toddlers division so that I can sign Kennedy up. Smile!

FitGems: Along those same lines, where do you personally see the direction of figure in the long haul? Do you think it will remain in a “soft” state where there are those that say that it’s dangerously close to drawing a line between figure and bikini, or do you see it going back to a somewhat harder look, like when Davana Medina was queen of figure during its birth?
Kimmie: It’ll be interesting to see if we’ll now be able to see a distinct difference between the divisions. This is just me, like I know anything, right? I would hope that bikini would soften up a little…”fit”. And Figure would be geared more towards an extremely athletic look which would allow Physique competitors to be more defined with a harder and leaner look. That’d leave Women Bodybuilders the ability to pack on the major mass. We’ll see what happens….

FitGems: If you weren’t a part of the female physique world, what would you be doing right now as your profession?
Kimmie: I’d have about 3 or 4 more kids, um, and that’d be AFTER I won the lottery, of course. I’d also take up competitive eating. I’m not really into hotdogs but I can throw down in a fried pickles eating contest!

FitGems: Which competitor (past or present) do you look up to the most for your inspiration?
Kimmie: Here’s a flashback: Lenda Murray, Cathy LeFrancois, Laurie Donnelly, Laura Mak, and Monica Brant were the first women I was inspired by. I can remember reading about them in the bodybuilding magazines back in the day. I remember thinking I could never look like them, be like them, or do what they do. After all, I was 1 of only 3 chicks working out at Dino’s Gym in Warner Robins, Ga. back then. I mean, I didn’t know that girls could look like that! Now-a-days, I’m amazed by Ava (Cowan), Trish (Warren) and, as always, Monica (Brant) is the JAM!

FitGems: What are your future plans heading into 2011 and beyond, and where do you see your career after you’re done competing?
Kimmie: Hmm. Well, let’s see, I’d like to NOT place dead last in my class in 2011….HAHAHA! I joke! I LOVE this sport and I can’t imagine not being involved somewhere in the industry. We’ll see.

I believe she will be making her Women's Physique debut at the North Americans later on this year, if I'm not mistaken from the last time I talked to her. We at FitGems Nation wish her nothing but the best of luck to her! If you want to add her on Facebook, she is under the name Kimmie Cooper Morgan. 

Women's Physique...are you ready for Kimmie?!

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