Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fit Model TV: The Fitness Model Media Blog

There are sites all around that support the female competitors in terms of competition, sponsorships, financial advice, etc. But there are VERY few sites that have to do with the modeling side of the industry. For many, modeling is a major part of their career.

New blog Fit Model TV, created by dallas3, hopes to spread the news about fitness photographers and fitness models, as well as when competitors do modeling as well. Already, the blog has featured work from photographers such as David Ford, Isaac Hinds, Marc Thyssen, and more, along with videos and photos of models/competitors such as Monica Brant, Ava Cowan, Alicia Harris, Mandy Blank, and the Vitrix Model Team, among others.

You can view modeling contests, get info on photographers, see modeling photos/videos, and more! This site is just starting, but from what is on there so far, it is looking to become one of the top sites in this industry, especially in terms of size and importance to the models, athletes, and photographers.

To visit Fit Model TV, go to

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