Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sabrina Taylor, one of IFBB's Best-Kept Secrets?

It's no secret that there are those competitors who don't get the callouts many people feel they deserve, despite doing everything by the book, and changing things to appease to what the judges are looking for at that time. Like everything else, hardcore fans seem to support the ones the company/federation don't. I guess it's a rebel thing in people, I guess, to follow a different path. They develop somewhat of a "cult following". You're definitely seeing this a lot on message boards these days. Arguably the biggest following among the boards and those I've talked to is Juliana Malacarne (more about her in a future post. Stay tuned). Someone who's gaining some steam in that kind of following is that of IFBB athlete (big emphasis on ATHLETE) Sabrina Taylor.

Sabrina @ 2011 Pittsburgh Pro (Photo credit: FitnessRx)

Sabrina isn't your typical figure competitor. She got in gymnastics as the tender age of three. She did that for a while, and then joined the Air Force for a while. She competed in a few NABBA competitions before making the NPC/IFBB her home. She would win the overall Emerald Cup fitness title and shortly after that, she would win her first national show, the NPC USAs in Fitness, and win her pro card, making her part of the IFBB. She would compete in a few competition in 2005 before taking a hiatus from competition. In 2009, she returned to the IFBB in 2009, but this time as a figure competitor. Physique wise, she's one of the most respected among her peers, although the judges have told her that her conditioning (especially in the upper body) is a bit too much for today's figure. She has done her best to give the look that is desired these days, but for some reason or another, it isn't enough. When you have been in what she's done throughout her lifetime, it's kinda hard to get really soft when you have her kind of muscle maturity. It's a gift and a curse, like Spider-Man. There are those that would like to see Sabrina try her luck in IFBB women's physique next year. But for the moment, she is sticking with figure. In fact, her next show (as far as I know) will be on September 24-25 in India (yes, I said INDIA) during the Sheru Classic. She's also currently with ALR Industries, thanks to her boo, Louis Uridel, aka The Big Sexy (his words, not mine. I swear!! LOL. :-) )

When she's not competing herself, Sabrina's leading others into battle on the stage as coach of the Camp Pendleton bodybuilding and powerlifting teams, specifically Team Iron. To make a long story short somewhat, she's basically leads by example. Another reason Sabrina's not your typical run-of-the-mill figure competitor is that she's one INSANELY strong female. During her time in the Air Force, she competed in powerlifting events, setting a lot of records and winning many awards for her weight class. Obviously, she doesn't train like that anymore, but I've been told she is among the strongest figure competitors out there. If strength was a big part of figure competitions, she would be among the top of the heap, without question. Her strength goes beyond just the weight room, though, as shown in this clip from the 2011 Arnold Classic, as she needed to hang for 70 seconds at the US Marine booth. Not gonna spoil the video for you, but I think you will be mighty impressed with how well she does here:

Bottom line, with her unique combination of athleticism, beauty, muscularity, and strength, Sabrina is among the best talents IFBB has...but has yet to capitalize on it. Hopefully things will turn around, and Sabrina gets the respect from the federation she deserves. She's an amazing talent, and speaking on behalf of FitGems Nation, I think the best for her is yet to come in her career.

For more on Sabrina, visit her fan page at, and you can add her as a friend on Facebook under the name Ifbb pro Sabrina Taylor.

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