Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Elite: Sherrie Carnicle

Photo credit: Muscular Development

There are those that look better with a lot of muscle, there are those that look better with a little less. There are those who look better harder and more conditioned, and there are those that look better softer and less conditioned. And then...there are those that look amazing no matter how big, small, hard, or soft they look. Sherrie Carnicle is one of those competitors.

I became a fan of hers during her first year of National competition in 2007 in figure. People were amazing at how awesome she looked. At the time, she was streamlined and not that muscular, but everything flowed well. A year later, she remained in figure, and it was clear as day that she packed a bit more muscle to her frame, and I can't tell you the amount of compliments she got from the message boards. Off-the-charts crazy. Then bikini came along, and she decided to give the bikini division a try. So obviously, she took off some muscle, but the flow in her physique was just as good during her figure days, if not better. After her overall bikini win at the Sacramento Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure and Bikini Championships, many were convinced she would be a future IFBB Bikini Pro. If she were to have competed in the National scene in bikini last year, I would guarantee you she would have walked away with a pro card last year.

Sherrie will be returning to National competitions at the Jr. Nationals this weekend. I don't know who all if competing, but I'm going to say this..I will be one shocked person if Sherrie does NOT take home a pro card this weekend. Call it bias, but I'm only calling it like I see it. If she doesn't get a pro card at the Jr. Nationals, I definitely see a pro card in her future. Her physique now is what I was hoping for when the bikini division was created. With her National bikini debut mere days away, it might be only a matter of time before Sherrie takes her rightful place among the IFBB athletes.

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