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FitGems Olympia Interview: Trish Warren

Trish Warren, aka the Black Mamba is among the top stars in IFBB fitness today. Last year, she made her Olympia debut and placed in the top ten. With the major shake-ups going on in the fitness division, Trish is looking to be a part of the elite stars in IFBB fitness. The Black Mamba was gracious enough to take some time out of her Olympia prep to do this interview.

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State your name and profession (fitness/figure/female bodybuilding/bikini/other).
Trish Warren: IFBB Fitness Pro Trish Warren

FitGems: How many years have you competed?
Trish: This is my 10th year. My first show was May of 1999
FitGems: You and 2-time Figure Olympia Champion Jenny Lynn have become quite the Dynamic Duo. How did this partnership began, and how has this both affected your performances on stage and training routines for competitions?
Trish: Jenny and I met at the Olympia last year, and hit it off. She moved to Texas for a new beginning after placing fourth last year. I have always trained intense and this is what she needed to get her title back. From there we came up with idea to promote camps, and have our own exclusive clothing line “The Heaven Sent” Collection. It has been a great venture for me because I now have a dedicated business and training partner.

FitGems:I don’t know if you train for strength, but if you could, may you share with FitGems some of your best lifts in the gym?
Trish: Squat – 300 lbs for a set of 6
Deadlift- 275 lbs for a set of 4
These are the only 2 that I have gone super heavy on
FitGems: What (if anything) would you change about your profession?
Trish:MORE MONEY, I think every competitor should walk away with something if you make it to the Olympia Stage!
FitGems: Your physique is absolutely amazing, and personally, I think you have the ideal fitness physique. That being said (this may be a tough question to answer) what do you think represents the ideal fitness competitor, as far as physique and routines are concerned.
Trish: Thank you for the Awesome compliment! I think you need to have a perfect balance of beauty, conditioning, and symmetry, without being too hard for the physique rounds. For the routines you need a clean and crisp 45second routine where all your mandatory strength, and flexibility moves are solid! Seal the deal with a fun and entertaining 2-minute where the crowd remembers your routine! I think I have accomplished all of this for the Olympia!
FitGems:I know you and Branch are SUPER BUSY when you are not competing. What is it that you both do, and how are you able to balance that and training for competitions?
Trish: We own and operate a logistics company “Maximum Logistics,” where we forward freight for our customers all over the world. We travel almost every weekend for guest appearances! Branch is filming a couple TV shows to total 26 episodes. We host camps, the NPC Branch Warren Classic, and our own clothing lines! Of course you can’t forget we both compete! Now on top of all of this our 14 yr. old nephew moved in with us so now we have football, school work, and parental responsibilities! It is a very challenging lifestyle, but not so much that we can’t handle it all! I just thank God everyday for the drive and determination he has given both of us! We work very well together and one day will be sitting in our rocking chairs on our large front porch watching our grandchildren play! That’s our motivation!

(Branch and Trish at the NPC Muscular Development and Muscle Tech Branch Warren Classic)

FitGems: With talent such as Ariel Kadar and Victoria Larvie (teenage superstars) emerging as the future of this sport, do you think a fitness boom will occur soon?
Trish: I hope so, fitness at the NPC level is dying! It’s always nice to see new faces and keep fitness alive!
FitGems: If there was any celebrity that would be a perfect fit in female physique competition, if giving time to be able to condition themselves? Along those lines, what division could you see her competing in?
Trish: I think Fergie would make a great Fitness competitor!

FitGems: You’re competing in your 2nd Olympia. With Kim Scheideler and Jenny Hendershott not in the show, what are your expectations heading into this event? Trish: It’s pretty clear that there’s going to be a new look in the top six.
Trish: I pray that I am one of the lucky top 6! I have taken an aggressive approach to training for this year’s Olympia and hope and pray it all pays off for me!
FitGems: What are you doing differently now to prepare for the show than what you’ve did in your first Olympia show last year?
Trish: I began training for this show right after I placed 2nd at the NY Pro. I knew that I needed new powerful routines so I hired Jenny Hendershott and Lisha Dean to help me come up with a great 2- minute! I worked with Dr. Mike Feulner throughout my off-season something that I have never done before, and he has my physique the absolute best it has ever been!
FitGems: What’s your goal for the Fitness Olympia (as if I don’t already know…LOL) ?
Trish: I would love to Win, but would be satisfied with top 5
FitGems:If you could improve the Olympia in any aspect, what would you do and why?
Trish: To give all the athletes a pay check. After all, it is the Super Bowl of the IFBB and we are all pros! Have the expo and finals in one location, so we aren’t all running around like chickens with our heads cut off to make it to pre-judging.
FitGems: What are your future plans in this industry, short-term and long-term?
Trish: Short term- To become one of the top 5 in the industry
Long term- To win the Olympia, and make a name for myself so I can continue to grow my camps, clothing line, and our NPC show!
FitGems:Do you have any final words for your fans before you compete in the 2009 Fitness Olympia?
Trish: Thanks for interviewing me, God Bless you all and see you in 2 weeks!

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