Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Olympia FitChat set for Next Tuesday

I'm aware that many people will be boarding the planes or driving to Viva Las Vegas probably Tuesday night or sometime Wednsday (depending on your location), so next Tuesday, FitGems will be hosting an Olympia FitChat at Noon Eastern/11 Central. For those that were part of the FitGems Q and A Chat last month, it will be similar to that, but this time, it's strickly Olympia talk. We'll discuss topics such as:

  • Breakdown of every female competitor in each division
  • Favorites for Ms. Olympia, Fitness Olympia, and Figure Olympia
  • Who could be "dark horses"
  • Hosting the Olympia in a different location
  • The possiblity of recording the Olympia with HD technology
  • Whether the Olympia should be broadcasted on PPV or a TV network
  • And more...
I'm in the process of talking to a few past Olympia competitors, and hoping they will join us as special guests.

Any questions about the Olympia that we can ask during the FitChat, please email me at

Here's the link to the Olympia FitChat:

Hope to see many of you on the FitChat next week!

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