Thursday, September 17, 2009 Relaunched...Whole new look!!!

For those that are unaware, I take part in more message boards and sites about female muscle than I dare to even talk about right now. One of my favorites is It was a social network site, like FitGems Nation, created using Ning in order to help support the sport of female muscle. Mark, the founder of, was very influential in molding what my site is today, and I thank him for that.

The site was down for a while to make changes to better suit the female muscle community. I'm happy to say that the site is back, and it's better than ever! now has an forum, gallery, video section (coming soon), calender of events, and tons more materia exclusive to membersl. I highly recommend you check out the site when you get the chance. It's run by a great person who believes in the sport and wants it to flourish.

Here's the link to the NEW

Hope you enjoy it! :)

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