Sunday, September 20, 2009

The 2009 Olympia is set!

For those that are unsure about who's competing, here's the FINAL list of competitors from the biggest event of the year:

Ms. Olympia
Iris Floyd Kyle (defending champion)
Betty Adkins
Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
Lisa Aukland
Dayana Cadeau
Debi Laszewski
Heather Armbrust
Betty Pariso
Rosemary Jennings
Gale Frankie
Tina Chandler
Nicole Ball
Kristy Hawkins

Fitness Olympia
Tracey Greenwood
Julie Palmer
Tanji Johnson
Regaine Da Silva
Tina Durkin
Shannon Meteraud
Trish Warren
Mindi O'Brien
Myriam Capes
Adela Garcia
Nicole Duncan
Bethany Wagner

Figure Olympia
Gina Aliotti
Jenny Lynn
Sonia Gonzales
Brenda Smith
Teresa Anthony
Huong Arcinas
April Roundtree
Felicia Romero
Monica Brant
Kristal Richardson
Nicole Wilkins-Lee
Heather Mae French
Kristi Tauti
Jessica Putnam
Erin Stern
Krissy Chin
Meriza DeGuzman
Amy Fry
Patricia Mello
Larissa Reis
Alicia Harris
Sherlyn Roy

Who will make history and become a legend this weekend? We shall soon see, won't we!?

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