Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What do YOU want me to write about on FitGems Nation?

I'm thankful that many of you take the time to read on things and opinions I have to say on some parts in the industry. So as my way of saying thanks, I'm going to give the power to you. What is it that YOU want me to write about? WHO is is that you want me to write about? It is a certain show? A certain competitor? My views on today's figure standard? My thoughts on whether or not a bikini division should exist in the IFBB? Should another federation step up and challenge the IFBB for supremacy? I want to hear your ideas. I'm open to any and all ideas and suggestions.

You can either send me a Twit (http://twitter.com/fitgemsnation), email me (admin@fitgemsnation.net), leave a comment via the Facebook fan page (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/FitGems-Nation/172803974346?ref=ts), or leave a comment below.

Once again, thank you everyone for all the support! :)


Melissa Cunningham said...

would like to know thoughts about bikini division and if other federations should follow suit with the division.....??

also your thoughts of figure in other federations such as IFPA,
NGA, NANBF, WNBF,etc,etc
there seems to be so many different ideas on how a figure gal should look-some federations go for a more soft look,some go for more muscular and hard...
whats your opinion?

C-Ray said...

Great ideas, Melissa! I will get right on them. :)