Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebrity Spotlight-Brittany Beede (WWE's Jamie Keyes)

I've just realized that I've not done a Celebrity Muscle/Spotlight in quite some time. I can't think of a better way to bring this part of the blog back than to talk about someone who's gaining fans left and right ever since popping up on TV and ESPECIALLY after her first ever company photoshoot. The woman I'm talking about is the beautiful Jamie Keyes!

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Many people have seen this beautiful woman on the second season of WWE NXT (on SyFy every Tuesday at 10/9 Central), yet there are those that are not too familiar with her yet. Here's a background on who Jamie is:

Jamie's real name is Brittany Beede and she’s a model from Sarasota, Florida. Keyes worked briefly with TNA last year, accompanying Kevin Nash to the ring at December’s Final Resolution pay-per-view. By briefly, I mean one night.

She was set to work with women’s wrestling promotion Wrestleicious filmed some promo footage for them, but then WWE came a-calling, and the rest is history.

For now, in addition to working as the NXT ring announcer, she is also the ring announcer for Flordia Championship Wrestling (FCW). As of this writing, she currently has one match under her belt, and that was a FCW Divas Tournament match where she lost to former WWE Diva Savannah (real name Angela Fong).

In the month she's been on WWE TV, Jamie has been gaining fans after fans after fans, and it's easy to see why. Recently released her first photoshoot for the company, and needless to say, people were in awe of it. And one of the first things people notice was...her toned physique. Almost immediately, people were drawn by how fit Jamie is. Not even competed in a WWE ring yet, and there are some out there (okay, a LOT out there) that see a good deal of Beth Phoenix in her. As a matter of fact, not since Beth has a Diva been talked about THIS much in terms of their physique...NO ONE. To say there's a lot of promise for this individual is an understatement.

I get the feeling we might be seeing more of Jamie beyond NXT and FCW ring announcing sooner rather than later. But for the time being, if you are in Florida, enjoy her on FCW, and for those with the SyFy channel, enjoy her on NXT on Tuesday nights!

You can view Jamie's first WWE photoshoot here.You can follow Jamie via Twitter at For more on Divas 411, my site dedicated to support women's wrestling, go to

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