Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Major Change in IFBB Figure

Pro figure competitors, say goodbye to the one-piece swimsuit round! Yesterday, Isaac Hinds broke the news on Hardbody News. For those that haven't heard about it, here's the press release on it:

FROM: IFBB Professional League
DATE: Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Please be advised that starting with the 2010 Houston Pro Figure competition and all Pro Figure competitions after the 2010 Figure Olympia, there will only be one round in IFBB Pro Figure – the Two-Piece Swimsuit.

This is MAJOR news, as now pro figure competitors basically have a one and done deal. Bring it to win it, and you've got one chance to do it in. Some people have question the point of a one-piece in the first place. Now it looks like it will be a thing of the past. For those that for some reason stink in the one-piece round yet are pretty darn decent in the two-piece round, your chances of improving your ranks have went up a bit. :)

Personally I like the move for a few reasons. First, it's will be cheaper to do a show, as you won't have to get two suits. Second, with the addition of bikini and subtracting of the one piece and mandatory routine rounds in fitness, pro shows should (emphasis on SHOULD) even out in terms of time. Third, it forces those who slid by a bit in the two-piece round and let themselves shine in the one-piece round to step their game up and bring their absolute best, as NOTHING will be hidden from this point forward.

I know there are other reasons out there, but thosw were some that came out of my head. I wouldn't be surprised if this change in the pro figure division redefines the division to a certain extent. What are your thoughts on it. Should the one-piece have remained? Did the IFBB make the right move? Voice your opinions below.

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Melissa Cunningham said...

IFBB made the right move!