Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two FitChats Set for February

Major announcement from the FitGems Nation:

Two HUGE FitChats are being set for next month, with one of them replacing the earlier FitChat that was set to take place earlier this month. On that, I apologize for the postponement on that event. BOTH FitChats will go on as scheduled, regardless if there's one person or 100 people logged in when this happens.

The first FitChat in February will be the 1st Annual FitGems Awards show! It's going to be a special event that will honor the best of the 2009 competitive season and those that will pave the way into 2010 and beyond. This event will take place on February 5th at 4PM Eastern/3PM Central with a pre-show at 3:30 Eastern/2:30 Central at the FitChat page on FitGems Nation. Speaking of that, don't forget to vote! You have until February 1st at Noon (Eastern Time) to vote for your favorites!

On February 26, exactly one week before the 2010 Arnold, there will be a 2010 Arnold prechat. This FitChat will take the place of the previous on that was supposed to have happened earlier this month.   We'll talk about predictions, who will shine bright, how well the current Olympia champions will fare in the Arnold, who will have a breakout performance, which pro debuts will be the most impressive, thoughts on why IFBB Pro Bikini will NOT debut at the Arnold, etc. Just like the FitGems award, this will also be on the FitGems Nation FitChat page, and this will begin at 4PM Central/3PM Central.

Hope you join us for these two huge FitChats!

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