Friday, January 8, 2010

The Fit Bod Talk Show, with your hosts, Jack and Ann Titone!

If you've been following the NPC Figure scene for a while, and are just now following IFBB Figure, chances are you've heard of Ann Titone. Ann and her hubby Jack are among the coolest fit couple you'll ever met. They run a business together (Fitness America -Midwest), help sponsor Siouxcountry, and in 2009, Ann realized her dream of becoming an IFBB Figure Pro.

Now the Titones are venturing into the Youtube world, as they have a new talk show called The Fit-Bod Talk Show. It's a talk show where the Titones talk to members of the fitness industry. Here's the first episode below, with IFBB Pro Dena Westerfield, who will be competing in the Phoenix Pro and Ms. International (this is part one of a two-part interview).

It's a down-to-earth type of interview. I think this is how the entire show will be, which is a plus.The internet really is the place to go for new content on whatever you need, and with sites like Youtube, it's free publicity. I would bookmark this page and YouTube channel. Definitely worth your time to view and check out.

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