Sunday, January 3, 2010

Poll Results for December 2009 and New Poll for January 2010

On the final month of 2009, I asked you Who do you think will have a better career in pro wrestling? In one of the most active and closest polls ever on this site,56% of you said it will be Zivile Raudoniene in WWE, while 43% of you said it will be Kristal Lashley (Marshall) in TNA. Time will tell if either or both of them have great success in their respective companies.

Now, for the first poll of 2010..Which division will stand out the best in the NPC and IFBB in 2010? By stand out, I'm talking about participation, involvement, stars it will create, etc. A good deal happened in 2009 that can help make a valid case for any of the divisions in 2010.

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Blue Falcon said...

I voted for figure, because I believe that it possesses the most stars and future stars in the bodybuilding industry.

Bodybuilding won't because society will never accept women who look and sound like men. (I know that not all do, but some do, and that does ruin things for those that don't.) Fitness, meanwhile, doesn't really have enough events to really create many new stars. Bikini will eventually catch up to figure as more beautiful and talented women come into the sport, but I believe that it may take a year or more for that to happen.