Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Elite: Lori Steele

Lori Steele is to women's bodybuilding what Johnnie Jackson is to men's bodybuilding. Not the biggest, but DEFINITELY the strongest. Lori might just possibly be the strongest female bodybuilder in the IFBB today. She's had quite a ride becoming an IFBB Pro.

She spent her life as a competitve gymnasist. After that, she entered the world of female muscle as a figure competitor in 2005. She would compete in figure until 2007, where she made her switch to bodybuilding. But she goes beyond just bodybuilding. She is also a very accomplished powerlifter, setting and shattering records like crazy. According to her Facebook fan page, she's holding off her IFBB debut until 2011 at the New York Pro. This year, she's qualified to compete at the 2010 USA Powerlifting Nationals in Cleveland, Ohio, so she'll be focused on powerlifting for 2010, and will enter the IFBB competition rankings the next year. The FitGems Nation wishes her the best in powerlifting and bodybuilding, and everything else in between! :)

If you have Facebook, become a fan of Lori.

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