Monday, January 4, 2010

Tracey Greenwood out of 2010 Fitness International

For fans of women's fitness, I've got some bad news for you. Top fitness competitor Tracey Greenwood has withdrawn from the 2010 Fitness International due to injury. This news was posted on the Arnold Sports website and Twitter this morning.

Tracey has developed a big fanbase with her crowd-pleasing routines, and one of the most complete physiques in the industry. Her departure could possibly leave someone new to break into the top six. I know Tracey has got to be bummed about this, as many call her one of the best to never hold one of the big ones (Fitness International and Fitness Olympia). Hopefully that will change soon. Unfortunately, that won't be the case at this year's Arnold.

I'm not sure of what injury is right now. Hopefully Tracey herself or someone else will fill us in on that later on this week.

We at FitGems Nation wish a speedy and safe recovery for you, Tracey!!! :)

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