Monday, January 25, 2010


12 years ago, Terry Goodlad had a dream and created Bodysport. With the help, support, and friendship of many people such as Ana Tigre, Kevin Myles, Liza Hughes, and many, MANY others, Bodysport has grown and developed into one of the best fitness news sites around for fans and competitors of fitness, figure, and bikini. But now, Bodysport has evolved into something bigger than just a fitness news site. It's not a women's fitness online magazine. More content, more contest footage, more opportunities, same positive Bodysport attitude and respect.

Here's what Terry mentioned in regards to the new site:

The off-season is a time for everyone to make improvements and we are no exception. This year begins the 12th year has been online and times have certainly changed since that day we first went online yet as much as things are different, our enthusiasm for sharing the news and so much more is still the same or even stronger.

This is the new look for We are not just a fitness news site any longer. We are an online Women’s Fitness Magazine and while this initial launch presents the bare minimum of content right now, it won’t remain this way for long. Expect daily updates and often times we will have frequent updates throughout the day.

Some cool things you will find on Bodysport:

* The Weather module. If you want your local weather or weather for any place you may travel to or are simply curious about just type in the name of the city and click go.
* Twitter News. We follow the tweets of many of the fitness industry’s top stars as well as many women’s magazines and will be posting our own breaking news tweets as well as re-tweeting others that you need to know about. This will be an on-going activity all day long so check back often.
* Competitors Section. While we want to meet the needs of all women interested in the fitness lifestyle we also want to meet the needs of those women who compete. Articles, videos, and interviews will be posted daily throughout the site so let us know what you want to see and what interests you most.
* You can search keywords now to find articles you may be interested in. On the bottom of each page is a search box. Type in a name, a topic, anything of interest and if its on the site a list of articles related to your search appear.
* Popular articles. Found on the home page this module displays the articles being viewed most frequently.
* Log in. You are not required to Log in to View at this point but member registration will be required later on to view the site.
* Share links. If you have a personal website you want us to post on our links page then send us an email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I hope you enjoy the new site and I want to thank you for your loyalty to

It's awesome to see this already great site evolve into something like this. Despite Bodysport existing for a little over a decade, I have a feeling this is only the beginning for the site and its creators.

Visit the NEW Bodysport at

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