Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Marc Thyssen @ Arnold 2012

One of the top rising stars in fitness photography, Marc Thyssen will be shooting at the 2012 Arnold! Within the last two years, he put together FitHeat and Fitness Supermodel Weekend, which were unprecedented in this industry. The list of names who have shot with him are no joke: Monica Brant, Christine Pomponio-Pate, Felicia Romero, Myriam Capes, Larissa Reis, Adela Garcia, Nicole Wilkins, Heather Dees, Sonia Gonzales, Rose-Marie Romero, Sabrina Taylor...just to name a few. He plans to take 2012 by storm, and you can be part of the action.

To book Marc, visit his website at http://www.marcthyssen.com/, or email him at marc@marcthyssen.com. You can also "like" him on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/marcthyssenphotography. Oh, by the way, you MIGHT want to make a decision this month if you want to save you a little money. If you put down a deposit before the end of the month, you will be booked at 2011 prices. Next month, the prices of shoots go up, so act early to save some cash! Tell Marc that FitGems sent you.

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