Saturday, January 14, 2012

3rd Annual FitGems Awards: The Big Ones (Pro Division)

Anyone who steps on stage is already a winner, but there are few that can truly consider themselves THE best in the world at what they do. Based off your votes, you considered them the ones that owned 2011. They have won titles and stepped on the Olympia, with some of them preparing to step on the Arnold stage in a couple of months. These competitors also have developed loyal fan bases who made their presece known in the voting polls and various social media ways. Ladies and gentleman...I present to you...the top pro competitors of 2011, as voted by YOU! (Photo credit goes to Muscular Development and Fitness Rx).

Pro Female Bodybuilder of the Year: IRIS KYLE

Runner-up: Alina Popa
Others nominated include Yaxeni Oriquen, Brigita Brezovac, Debi Laszewski, and Isabelle Turell.

Pro Figure Competitor of the Year: AVA COWAN

Runner-up: Nicole Wilkins
Others nominated include Erin Stern, Kat Rameriz, Candice Keene, and Ann Titone.

Pro Fitness Competitor of the Year: TANJI JOHNSON

Runner-up: Adela Garcia
Others nominated include Myriam Capes, Tina Durkin, Michelle Blank, and Nicole Duncan.

Pro Bikini Competitor of the Year: JAIME BAIRD

Runner-up: Amanda Latona
Others nominated include Nicole Nagrani, Sonia Gonzales, Nathalia Melo, and Vanessa Campbell.


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You Go Ava Cowan...xoxo

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