Saturday, January 14, 2012

3rd Annual FitGems Awards: The Big Ones (Amateur Division)

Anyone who steps on stage is already a winner, but there are few can can consider themselves THE best in the world at what they do. Based off your votes, you considered them the ones that owned 2011. Some of them have won titles and pro cards, heck some of them even qualified for the Olympia and have been selected for an Arnold invite in 2012. And fan bases showed their loyalties to their favorites big time in the biggest categories of them all. Ladies and gentleman...I present to you...the top amateur competitors of 2011, as voted by YOU! (Photo credit goes to Muscular Development and Fitness Rx).

Amateur Female Bodybuilder of the Year: KIRA NEUMAN

Runner-up: Michelle Brent
Others nominated include Amanda Alger, Kimmie Morgan, Judy Gallard, and Cynthia Colon.

Amateur Figure Competitor of the Year: CHERYL DAVIS

Runner-up: Allison Moyer
Others nominated include Wendy Fortino, Joni Neilson, Allison Frahn, and Shelly Albetta.

Amateur Fitness Competitor of the Year: SHERI VUCICK

Runner-up: Whitney Jones
Others nominated include Amanda Hatfield, Lishia Dean, Meredith Miller, and Viko Newman.

Amateur Bikini Competitor of the Year: SKYE TAYLOR

Runner-up: India Paulino
Others nominated include Diana Graham, Candyce Graham, Noe Alexander, and Jennifer Rankin.

Amateur Women's Physique Competitor of the Year: JILL RUDISON

Runner-up: Dana Bailey
Others nominated include Jillian Reville, Rachel Baker, Tracy Bodner, and Susie Fuller Torres.

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