Friday, January 13, 2012

3rd Annual FitGems Awards: Fitness Personality of the Year

Congrats to JAMIE EASON on winning Fitness Personality of the Year at the 3rd Annual FitGems Awards!

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The minute the name "Jamie Eason" was put on the ballot for Fitness Personality of the Year, it seemed to be a matter of who would be the runner-up (which will be listed below). Jamie is one of the biggest names in this industry, and I'm not talking top competitor big, I mean, mainstream-people-know-her-easy name. She has appeared in a few mainstream projects here and there. The best feature about Jamie is not her physique (which is definitely nothing shabby), but her kind heart and respect for others. She's also seen by many as a role model who has battled and tamed cancer. When it comes to fitness personalities, Miss Eason (soon to be Mrs. Eason, yes she's off the market, fellas) is in a league of her own.

Runner-up: Jillian Michaels and Jennifer Nicole Lee (tied)

Others nominated included Brittany Beede, Danny J, and Aubrie Richeson

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