Wednesday, January 4, 2012

3rd Annual FitGems Awards: Blogger of the Year

Congrats to ISAAC HINDS on winning Blogger of the Year at the 3rd Annual FitGems Awards!

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Isaac Hinds is no stranger to speaking his peace when it comes to things. Whether you like his opinions or not, he's gonna to tell you about the industry and the people in it as he sees fit (no pun intended). Do you have to like it? NO. Do you have to read his stuff? NO. But those that do tend to have somewhat of a better understanding of the industry. On his predictions, he's usually about right on things. I'm not saying bet the barn every time he makes a prediction on his blog, but I would take his stuff seriously if I were you.

Runner-up: Jason Adams

Others nominated include Dean Sucich, GeneX, Carl Burkins (dallas3), and Area Orion.

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